Three weeks into my splinterlands journey: a profit of $37, a ROI of 270%! One of my best Crypto investments ever! Still not to late!

So, I am three weeks far in my splinterlands journey! I did want to try out if it is till profitable for newcomers to invest into the spell book and make a profit and if it is worth it overall!

And by the looks of it, it for sure is! Even better my collection is getting more and more valuable and I am increasing my DEC and SPS earnings!

It is so profitable, that I decided to invest more into the game. An investment which is very profitable!

My new investment! Profit will you still can!

In the game you can buy quest potions. Normally when you do complete the daily quest you are rewarded with one chest! In this chest there can be DEC, a card or potions. If you do purchase the quest potion, you do get 5 chests extra for completing the daily quest!

If you do buy 10 charges of the quest potion, you do get one for free. If you buy 100 of these beauties, you do get 10 charges extra! So because I am committed to the game, I decided to go for the 100 pack.

Lars 0.jpg

This did cost me $75. So $0.625 per day! So far I have completed 6 of the daily quests where I do get extra chests!

After 6 days, my investment is $3.75 and so far I did get rewards with a total value of $4.6 in cards and $3.14 in Dec. So in total $7.74, a ROI of 23%. And still didn't get anything exceptional. Which will come for sure. Remember that if you do find 2000 DEC in your loot chest, that this has a value of $14!

My Cards

Lars 1.jpg

Of course my card collection also good a boost from the quest potion, but I also did get a 2K DEC loot chest! As written above good for $14. So I decided to invest this into the game and did buy myself a level 2 summoner! This did cost me $10 of DEC, but I am sure that she will rise in value!

She is a DICE summoners which means that she probably also can be used when the Chaos Legends pack does come out!

The total value of my card collection is $ 17.05!


Lars 2.jpg

Based on your holdings you also do get a share of the daily SPS airdrop. The SPS is the Splinterlands governance token. I am just claiming my SPS on a daily basis and stake them to get some interest on those. By doing this I do earn around 0.5 SPS per day. Which is around $0.15. You see it all adds up!


My overall investment into the game was initially $10 but has been increased to $85. The total value of my holdings at the moment is $47.

But the investment at the moment is actually $13.75, hence my bi profit and ROI. The other $71.25 is a daily investment for the next 109 days. One which for sure will be a profitable investment.

Without the quest potion my profit would still be $24, or a ROI of 240%. Which crypto can beat that?

So if you were asking yourself, should I buy the spell book or not, I can only answer don't hesitate! You will get your initial investment back! And will make a profit for sure. Don't forget that posts about Splinterlands are doing well on all social media platforms, which could generate an extra income!

Not to mention that it is fun to play. 5 minutes a day is enough to make the profit as written above and you can even have a massive profit after one day if your loot box does contain a golden legendary!

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