PsyberX versus Splinterlands (Stitch x Kelya) Death-Match Contest



As he snuck through Cyberpunk city, Stitch heard loud noises coming from the east as if an army of thousands was marching towards the main square. Without thinking too much, he approached the place as fast as he could.

Arriving there, to his surprise: the "army of thousands" was nothing more than a few dozen warrior dwarves with assorted weapons, gleaming armor, and enviable coordination. Stitch felt an admiration for the bravery of those warriors, and he even shuddered.

Coming to himself, he noticed a large blue ship anchored offshore, which probably belonged to the dwarves. Stitch knew this would be the best escape opportunity he'd had so far. Armed with Cyberpunk tech, as usual, Stitch was determined to break into the ship and do whatever it took to achieve his goal. Once again, he would be staring at death closely.

But this time was the death that approached him. As he fearlessly prepared for his invasion, considering that most of the dwarves would be marching through the city, Stitch looked at a mysterious brutal-looking girl coming from the direction of the ship.

"What are you doing, boy?" Kelya Frendul said calmly in her shrewd voice as if she knew what he was doing exactly.

Stitch sensed a threat and quickly loaded his firearm and placed one hand on the scabbard of his laser sword.

"It's not a women's business, but if you must know... I have to board a ship today." He replied.

Kelya had just arrived at Cyberpunk to do a job and had sent her Wave Breakers (the dwarven army) ahead to announce her presence to the local rulers. She was ready for a good fight, so seeing that obstinate man wearing a weird mask caught her attention.

"Someone who hides behind a mask wants to tell me what is or is not my business?" She asked, raising her voice.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds.

"I'm not hiding... My mask is to protect the world from me," he said, taking off his mask and revealing his disfigured face.


"Wow! An exotic type! Do you expect me to feel sorry for you? Come on.. You would be an excellent attraction in a zoo".

"I don't have time for jokes. If you're going to stand in my way, then prepare to die!"


With that said, Stitch fired two shots in Kelya's direction. At that moment, a wave of water covered Kelya's arm and then materialized into a long, glowing sword that dispersed the two projectiles. Realizing that his firearm would be useless, Stitch dropped it and drew his laser sword.

Then they started a bloody fight.

Despite using a long and heavy sword, Kelya had fast blows, and each hit could paralyze the opponent's muscles. Stitch found this out the hard way by getting hit directly in his left arm. But he didn't give up because his laser sword was just as dangerous and could easily penetrate Kelya's armor. Fighting with just one arm, Stitch knew he was at a disadvantage. So he started throwing grenades at Kelya to maintain a convenient distance and slow down her movements as she had to concentrate on dodging the blasts.

After an intense swords clash and a few explosions, both of them were already seriously injured. Stitch's arm movements had returned, which gave him the confidence to face Kelya toe to toe. When she lost focus for an instant, he used all his strength for a final blow, cutting half of her abdomen region and rupturing Kelya's spleen.

In a single second, he heard his opponent's desperate scream and was sure of his victory.

"Do you have any last w...?" Stitch started to say, but before he could conclude, he was out of breath. And those were his last words.

Kelya had let her guard down on purpose. Taking advantage of Stitch's distraction at the time of his attack, she materialized a fist of crystallized water and struck heavily into his chest. In addition to the pressure of the hit, his heart was paralyzed, as the muscles in his left arm.

Stitch fell already dead on the ground.

"Don't make me laugh! I would never lose to a poor bastard like you!"

Then the legendary mercenary Kelya slowly walked towards his ship, proud of yet another victory. However, before she could get there, she fell and died of internal bleeding without receiving any help as his dwarves were marching triumphantly through the city.


Death-Match Contest

(Splinterlands) Kelya Frendul

(PsyberX) Stitch Face

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