Why I skipped a quest - Drop your thoughts and win a !PIZZA

Ok so normally I hit my quests everyday, have a morning coffee and do some quests. Why? Becuase those sweet chest drops are free money and I'm normally renting some cards so why waste a rental.

However today I'm skipping a quest day and here's why. Tommorow the new reward carda dropped

Anyone who's played recently know that the quest rewards have been turning towards DECas reward carda drop out and unfortunately paying out in cards dec value not real value. This means low low drops that a kinda of sad to be honest.

Ok but why skip a day

Well here's a little trick, quests can stack up to two days, so if I skip today tommorow, hopefully, I can complete 2 quests and get to chances at new reward cards, which will be much better then DEC. Also reward cards are dropping at 50% chance which is great! Also going to save some funds to buy some of the market if they are not to expensive

Now I want to know your thoughts? What is your strategy now reward cards are almost back?

Drop it in the comments, win some pizza!


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