My Brawl Report #1 - #HivePizza #BrawlReport 21/09/2021

Ok this intative was kicked off by the one and only @kennysgaminglife and I am hoping not to mess it up to much! This format is also blatantly borrowed from @fireguardian , thanks for sharing your format and approach with me!

I play in sliver so there is a fair few brawls here

Brawl 1 Slow and Posion Earth vs Dragon Earth

Ok so first thing no thorns on the other side, hoping that carries me through a bit, also they have gone heavy Melee so my thorns should help a bit. Also no heal so my flesh golem should have some impact. We both went sandworm but mines buried a bit deeper so should hold up a bit longer. I also put a Albo at the end as a kinda of hail merry due to the ability to resist posion and it was a bigger mana set. Didn't really focus on slow that much but did reduce armour to help my thorns out.

As expected between the thorns and no healers I managed to out last the other side, I think thorns and posion did more damage then I did


Brawl 2 All Melee, Death vs. Water

Ok so death is my weak side and my water if alric focused. I hoped the Melwe reduction would help and tried a first flying first. However they trotted out a frost giant so I knew I was in trouble!

I got close but in the end of the day that throny dude in the back row and sea dragon heal was just to much


Brawl 3 Sneak Earth vs Life

Was not sure how this one would go, due to sneak I loaded up on melle, also placed my failed summoner in the front to maybe return so magic as it ignore melle and a stone golem in the back to tank for a bit. However the armour gives them a free hit and they beefed there attack plus 1, really unsure how this would play out

So I got a bit luckly, failed summoner stayed around long enough to reflect a magic hit and chip some armour and my stone golem tanked real well


** Brawl 4 posion and blast Water vs. Earth**

Ok so I decided to flip the switch on this one and go for a quick win before posion kicked in using magic blasts and hope that sweet armour buff will save me a hit or two. Lucky they went thorns so I won't take to many hits from them

So I did luck out, between magic, speed and some armour it was a quick and clean sweep with only 2 rounds


Brawl 5 Melee Earth vs. Magic

Ok so again i want thorns with lots of Melee and a mustang in front or reduce some magic damage, maybe should have gone a failed summoner. They went hard magic and I don't love that stun for my flesh golem ability to heal.

Yep unfortunately the thorns in the back and the sea dragon magic combo was just to much, maybe next time a head hunter?


Brawl 6 Archer alway hit Earth vs Water

So again I went thorns, yes yes cheesy I know. Fairly low mana and they went for a 7 mana cost summoner so they can't field much. I went failed summoner to he safe and then flesh golem, then a healer and a sneak. Unfortunately for them I didn't use Headhunter so no reflect this time

So the double heal tanked me well and despite my failed summoner doing nothing still got a win once my sneak won through


**Brawl 7 odd no abilities Earth vs. Dragon"

Ok so I lost slot of my go to with this one, couldn't even really go magic heavy so I set and prayed. In hind site maybe I should have gone robo Knight to and just tanked it out

I lucked out that went archers and I went magic, allowed me to chew through the last 2 and not get as many hits


Hope you have enjoyed my Brawl report! As alway if your join use my referal code, get a spell book and I'll send you a card!

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