Breaking 3000 SPS, why I am all in

Ok so every since the first round closed I have been going all in for sps and ill tell you why... FOMO.

Ok maybe fomo is the wrong word nut basically I was ready to buy 50 packs, I had the cash ready and was willing to pay double pack prices , up to $8 when bloody $17 vouchers come out! What crazy he'll was this, all I could get was 11 packs !

So when I heard about the next round coming along needing more vouchers I decided I was not going to be left out again, plus sps has sunk to $0.3 and is still paying out at 43% APR. With staking on players around the corner it feel like a slam dunk to load up, even if vouchers drop to $6 I could potentially make $320 in one month if I want to just sell, 30% of my current SPS value.

Also because I am only using my hive earning from blogging I feel like a bit of a yolo is ok :)

Of course not financial advice, just a personal thinking sps is not dead yet


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