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You know I was seriously considering changing my name from @exceltogaming to @exceltorandomstuff. I don't post much gaming content again so it became irrelevant that my name would be exceltogaming so while scrolling from my introduction post I saw a reply which said key me know when your getting started on splinterlands I'll buy you summoner spell book it was @belemo I was not sure what a spell book was so I just said thank you. It want until yesterday when I decided to join splinterlands despite am the posts and videos I've seen about he game which made me think it went my type of game, and I still stand by that all those card games with wizards and all these mystical creatures didn't and does not look like my type of game but that reply encouraged me to start plus I have already had a bunch of people expecting gaming content and splinter lands seems to be one of the most played games on the hive platform so why not?.

OK at first when I opens the app I was like OK that actually looks pretty cool and when I saw the tutorial beginning I was like maybe this game is my type of game after all and then when it began to play I was confused. Why? Because he cards where fighting each other? Like card vs card? Then I started to think maybe this wasn't the best idea then again I remembered exceltogaming "ill buy you spell book", "he will be posting gaming content". Then I finally gave in and realized it wasn't that bad bit from what I was expecting there was an obvious difference. I expected the cards to just be what is used to present the characters and like you would actually see actually 3D like characters fighting like maybe they would jump out of their cards and have a Battle. Maybe it was a little to much to be expected it from the way people were like yeah this is a really cool and interesting game I expected it to be you know amazingly awesome, but Boy was as I wrong. Don't get me wrong its still pretty cool to play but I'm gonna need some serious motivation to play hats why that spell book would be much appreciated.

The game interface seems cool I like that it has a chat section but it just seems like so much like you have these cards with these mystical creatures and special attacks and other crazy stuff its just a lot of complicated stuff by I kind of like that it has that cause of makes the game special, and also that tutorial didn't really help me because before I start the battle the tutorial just stops so I'm just learning his to play the game on my own which is proving not to be easy.
When of first started playing it I was like " What is this? Naija whot or Solitaire?, it after I lost I was like mahn I was so close to winning well then I'm gonna try again that's how I actually continued playing till o finally won and that's when I remembered "Hey I actually like playing Naija Whot and Solitaire so this won't probably be half bad", but as you can read I'm still very skeptical about the game what's a summoner?, card arrangement?, what if I just use this fire card he looks cool,why are there numbers on them is that like their level,what's a guilt, why is selecting a summoner spell important?,why did my cards life go down by 2 this time?, who?, what?, when? , how?(that was Me almost throwing my phone in anger) why did games become this complex? What happened when all you had to do was swipe up led right and down or just to use the arrows to make the little yellow guy eat all the ghosts. Well i guess those days are gone. But you know what I'm ready to embrace these new traditions of cards smacking themselves around although I'll need some help.. OK a lot of helpany tips you guys can give me on how to play the game especially how to play of well and best strategies and suff like that it would be most appreciated­čśî.

I hope You XL in Whatever you do.

( I also hope I XL in Splinterlands)

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