Yet another giveaway? Our giveaway! #49

This giveaway intends to give back most value to the community. Plus it's so nice to distribute good cards around! For now I try to focus on Rift Watchers cards, but I may pick Chaos Legion staples if I'm not happy with the choice.
I remind you the concept:

  • the giveaway will be held daily
  • the posts rewards will be paid liquid by, and half of it will directly be used for the day+7 giveaway
  • as curators, you will get an additional 4% on your curation rewards by That's right, you will share 54% of the payout

Last winners

A Junker and a Radiated Brute are in play. Who are they about to Reach? (huhu)


Congrats @henruc, @ccrentals ! Your cards should have arrived by now, enjoy!

Other participants: @amaari, @akiraymd, @arieruzzzz, @thranax, @phantomassassin, @splinterboost, @monsterbuster, @treefrognada, @relf87, @acidosis, @jats-0, @lipe100dedos, @circlebubble, @beststart, @lumpiadobo, @bitandi, @alexis666, @dafusa, @ianballantine, @kalib, @criptosectadepit, @arc7icwolf, @bandada, @thebighigg, @ericburgoyne, @rimurutempest, @olaf.gui, @dstampede, @belhaven14, @ieronimus, @candnpg, @mypathtofire, @stewie.wieno, @jfang003, @jdike, @vaynard86, @yeckingo1, @arniboi, @agentnao, @syel25, @hatdogsensei,

Sorry guys, better luck next time! Maybe today?
Yeah, you want to, today will be a good day, the upvotes were good! Let's see...


We never had this one yet before. Uloth Dhampir, Earth monster, range attack, 3 damages with Stun, for 9 mana. I never tried it but I fought it a couple of time. And we put a Portal Spinner in addition.


You know the drill, nothing exceptional here

  • just comment below to enter, add your ign username if it's different
  • upvotes are not required (but very welcome as they will directly pay for day+7 giveaway, and you get an additional 4% curation paid liquid)
  • tips are not required, I will tip back as much as I can, but I can't promised I won't be outpaced!
  • the winner will be announced in my next post
  • I will tag the participants of the previous giveaway

The winners will be announced tomorrow at about the same time.

Good luck to all!

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