Yet another giveaway? Our giveaway! #47

This giveaway intends to give back most value to the community. Plus it's so nice to distribute good cards around! For now I try to focus on Rift Watchers cards, but I may pick Chaos Legion staples if I'm not happy with the choice.
I remind you the concept:

  • the giveaway will be held daily
  • the posts rewards will be paid liquid by, and half of it will directly be used for the day+7 giveaway
  • as curators, you will get an additional 4% on your curation rewards by That's right, you will share 54% of the payout

Last winners

A Bramble Pixie and a Hill Giant were given yesterday, they go to...


Congrats @circlebubble, @dstampede ! Your cards should have arrived by now, hope you enjoy them!

Other participants: @akiraymd, @arieruzzzz, @tinyputerboy, @splinterboost, @monsterbuster, @treefrognada, @relf87, @acidosis, @jats-0, @lipe100dedos, @aliveprojects, @beststart, @dagger88, @lumpiadobo, @dubble, @bitandi, @alexis666, @ianballantine, @kalib, @criptosectadepit, @arc7icwolf, @bandada, @thebighigg, @ericburgoyne, @rimurutempest, @olaf.gui, @belhaven14, @ieronimus, @candnpg, @stewie.wieno, @jfang003, @jdike, @vaynard86, @yeckingo1, @henruc, @wlatt, @gregory-f, @syel25, @hatdogsensei,

Sorry guys, better luck next time! Maybe today?
Today is somehow similar, starring another very solid card.


You've seen it, right? It is everywhere now! The annoying Night Ghoul will go as first prize. A Shadow Snitch is following as consolation.


You know the drill, nothing exceptional here

  • just comment below to enter, add your ign username if it's different
  • upvotes are not required (but very welcome as they will directly pay for day+7 giveaway, and you get an additional 4% curation paid liquid)
  • tips are not required, I will tip back as much as I can, but I can't promised I won't be outpaced!
  • the winner will be announced in my next post
  • I will tag the participants of the previous giveaway

The winners will be announced tomorrow at about the same time.

Good luck to all!

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