My Splinterlands: Season 4 Episode 1

First season with the new Wild/Modern formats. I have to say I'm surprised with the result. I expected more people playing on Modern formats, and so better DEC rewards for Wild, but it turned out to be the contrary!
In the meantime, Modern feels less predictable. Or at least I'm less consistent with my wins. I thought Modern was the format for me, no question asked, but I realized most of my decks have an alpha/beta card as key addition.

Day 1: Earth

How about a 21 wins streak to start the season? Really blessed with the Earth focus, a good chunk of work done!
I found on my way the most stupid bot. Well, it did get it was the earthquake ruleset. It just forgot to fill in monsters...

Rating: 300 => 1113
Cost of rent: 28 DEC
14 Chests: 34 DEC, 1 Rare, 3 Commons

Day 2: Water

Not a very good day, played in Modern and "only" got 13 chests. I would have expected more with Water. Well, I can't complain as I have also been lucky. Thanks to the speed I avoided a couple of possibly lethal blows.

Rating: 300 => 1113
Cost of rent: 25 DEC
14 Chests: 91 DEC, 2 Rares, 5 Commons

Day 3: Fire

Well, honestly, I'm a bit lost in my tracking. As I played a bit of Modern, a bit of Wild, is the rating(s) relevant to follow? Same, I'm experimenting with rented cards, to a point that following the price of my rented deck is not so important. Not that is has substantially changed (around 20 DEC beginning of the season, 60 at the end), but I have substantially increased my rent received. Without adding much cards. So I will need to check a bit more, on several days, how it goes, and then I will talk to you about it if I'm happy with it.

In the meantime, tracking the daily chests is a good indicator of my performance. 11 is quite bad, and I did waste some ECR but well... Life happens.

Day 4: Water

I tried a new monster, and I like it: Coral Wraith. 2 points of magic sneaky attack damage, for 4 mana, it's quite valuable and not expensive. Let's see him in action

Back to a normal 15 chests: 38 DEC, 1 Rare, 4 Commons

Day 5: Life

I really don't like Life. Some many rulesets render it non optimal, at best, to not say that it sucks. Even when victorious it's not fun. Example of Full tank double heal repair. Ok, that one was fun for kicking the ass of an OP deck. But not very fair play. And without the taunting tank, it's more of a gamble I feel. This one passed by not much

So quite a poor day. I got my ass properly beaten in Modern, and got better results in Wild. 12 chests is not much anyway.

We are still early in the Modern/Wild division, it's only the first few days. Really clever is the one who will predict how it will go. For now, I still hesitate between the juicy DEC in Modern and the consistent wins in Wild. Obviously, I'd like both!

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