take part in social media challenges

the most dangerous social media I took my battle from.

hello friends meet again with me Ahmad badrud duja who is usually called badrud. greetings and prosperity to all of us.

this time I want to take part in the SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE and here I will explain in one of my battles from the Balthazar scholarship account

here I am telling my battle experience to reach and stop and settle in Diamond 1. The trip this time was quite difficult because I had time to go up and down the rating on this diamond rating.

Let's go straight to the topic of discussion by fighting using my favorite summoner.

You can also view battle footage here

  • as you can see the picture above. I use my favorite summoner, namely Keyla frendul
  • here I use a monster card with a small mana
  • Saya mengandalkan monster yang memiliki kemampuan menyelinap dan mengandalkan kecepatan.

- ronde 1 :

In round 1, summoners give their power to the cards they bring to battle.
Coincidentally, my opponent's summoner brought a Keyla freckle that was similar to the summoner I used for battle.
The summoner gives +1 armor and +1 speed

- ronde 2 :

in the first round we attacked each other and still no monster cards fell. so we'll see how it goes in the next round

- ronde 3

In the third round, cards started to fall in this battle.
namely (pelacor bandit) belongs to the opponent's monster card and (kulu swimhunter) belongs to my monster card.

- ronde 4

In the fourth round, they attacked each other as usual and neither of them fell. continue

- ronde 5

and in this 5th round there is one opponent's monster card that falls, namely (uraeus)

- ronde 6

and in the 6th round, one opponent's monster card fell, namely (river nymph) and the opponent's strategy began to almost lose.

- ronde 7

(merdaali guardian) this opponent's card has fallen and he doesn't have the strength anymore to repair their shield.

- ronde 8

and in the eighth round I won this fight


Keyla frendul is one of the summoners to watch out for in battles with low mana

thank you for reading this to the end. hope you are always healthy.

Don't forget to comment below and share your personal experiences and let's be friends. do not forget to keep health. See you

if you are one of those who wants to register to play splinterlands you can use my referral code here. and let's study together. goodbye and see you next time.


  • for the image i edited it in canva
  • for the battle pictures I took from splinterlands
    good luck and let's party hard
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