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hello, meet again with me Ahmad badrud duja who is usually called badrud. Greetings all

Battle Witch Secrets is a challenge that is held once a week by Splinterlands, so let's take part.


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welcome to the world of splinterlands where people gather to find entertainment with very interesting, exciting battles and you must try if you like the world of games in the blockchain world this time I am fighting in the diamond 2 league and heading to the diamond 1 league as soon as possible. Good luck in the battle and you too. let's go


Screenshot 2023-09-08 04.43.34.png


in accordance with the regulations held by splinterlands, namely odd ones out where the battle must use which is odd and I got it and there are two additions: explosive weaponry and fog of war. in addition to not being able to use sneak, snipe, and opportunity abilities in this battle also all monster cards get blast abilities in every attack.

Screenshot 2023-09-08 04.42.13.png

There are 3 rules this time and let's explore what they are.

img_combat-rule_fog-of-war_150.png fog of war: monsters lose the sneak, snipe and opportunity abilities.
img_combat-rule_odd-ones-out_150.png odd ones out: monster with odd mana costs may be used in battles.
img_combat-rule_explosive-weaponry_150.png explosive weaponry: all monster have the blast ability
Screenshot 2023-09-08 04.54.29.png mana caps 42
Screenshot 2023-09-08 04.54.52.png There are 5 active elements, namely : fire, water, life, death, dragon.


Screenshot 2023-09-08 05.03.01.png

OK, this time I brought a legendary dragon summoner named QUIX THE DEVIOUS which I combined with the water element, he has the ability all enemy ranged attack monsters have -1 ranged attack and all enemy monsters have -1 speed. and for the position of the monster cards that I entered into this battle are 1. VOID DRAGON 2. CARNAGE TITAN 3. NERISSA TRIDAWN 4. MERDAALI GUARDIAN 5. RIVER HELLONDALE 6. ANGELIC MANDARIN

card imageabilityexplanation
Screenshot 2023-09-08 07.43.22.pngquix the deviousall enemy ranged attack monsters have -1 ranged attack and all enemy monsters have -1 speedas in the explanation that I have made, this summoner is a dragon summoner which I combined with the water element which is the element that I often use in battles in Splinterlands, namely QUIX THE DEVIOUS
Screenshot 2023-09-08 07.53.09.pngvoid dragonhe has the ability to flying, void and phasehere I brought this VOID DRAGON as a tank this time, because he has very high speed then he has flying and phase. I hope he can avoid all enemy attacks with his abilities.
Screenshot 2023-09-08 12.13.41.png carnage titanhe has the ability reach, doble strike and shieldfor the second monster I choose CARNAGE TITAN I use him because he has a decent attack of 4 melle attacks and his ability to double strike instead of me carrying 1 monster card but I have 2 strengths.
Screenshot 2023-09-08 12.23.20.png nerissa tridawnhe has the no abilityThis third order monster I use NERISSA TRIDAWN He doesn't have the ability but his magic attacks are quite big and he has a lot of life and he has odd mana as per the battle rules this time, so I chose him to occupy my third position for my battle this time.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 04.00.17.png merdaali guardianhe has the ability tank heal, repair and strengthenthis fourth place I rely on MERDAALI GUARDIAN because I want to protect my tank monster card so that if it is hit by an attack it will be able to recover quickly and help my monster cards to repair their armor if the armor is hit by an attack and adds +1 life to all the monster cards that I use which is quite useful for me.
Screenshot 2023-08-31 20.59.53.png river hellondalehe has the ability to resurrect and inspireIn fifth place, I brought a legendary card that supports the strength of the melle monsters that I have so that they are more ferocious in attacking my opponents and he is capable and has the ability to resurrect which can revive my monsters that died before being hit by an opponent's attack.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 04.06.57.png angelic mandarinhe doesn't have the ability triage and silenceand on the sixth or last order I use a card who can heal and he has it can help increase the life of my monster card which is on the back line of the battle and reduce the opponent's magic power by 1


you can see my match here. and you can watch it below.


description of the battle through pictures

Screenshot 2023-09-08 12.50.40.png

here's a picture of my initial battle that hasn't started yet. OK, this time I brought 3 legendary monster cards, 1 epic monster card and 2 rare monster cards. where our enemy this time brings 1 legendary monster card, 1 epic onster card, 1 rare monster card and 3 common monster cards. he brought a row of cards, namely 1. coeurl lurker, 2. fineas rage, 3. flame monkey, 4. ash mirage, 5. djinn inferni, 6. lava spider.

ok, in terms of cards, I'm already quite superior, but I don't necessarily win, we don't know how the battle happened, let's see how it is!

ronde 1

Screenshot 2023-09-08 12.48.03.png

In this first round, our summoners each give their abilities to monster cards, namely I give -1 attack range and -1 speed after all of our summoners have done their abilities and let's just start the battle this time.
for round 1 this was a long and exciting round how come my first monster was killed by an opponent's attack namely merdaali guardian I died and fortunately was awakened again by river hellondale. the enemy attacks are very fast so I'm a bit worried about the monster card that I have. and in the end my monster carnage titan managed to subvert my opponent's monster card, namely coeurl lurker and this is the time for my monsters to take revenge. for the second time my monster toppled the opponent's monter card, namely fineas rage which was killed by river hellondale.

ronde 2

Screenshot 2023-09-08 12.49.00.png

in the 2nd round my monster cards were still intact with 6 monster cards while my opponent's monster cards only had 4 monster cards left. This is where I started to feel relieved and the possibility of my winning was great. and in the second round my monster was killed 2 at once with the help of a blast, namely merdiaali guardian. died in this second round when attacked by a lava spider. and my angelic mandarin managed to kill the opponent's monster card called flame monkey. after that the attack was continued by nerissa tridawn which was quite large and was completed by carnage titan who killed a lot of opponent's monster cards this time.

ronde 3

Screenshot 2023-09-08 12.49.43.png

in the third round this is the end of this battle where my monster cards remain 3 and the opponent's monster cards remain 1. the battle was fast enough this time and I didn't expect it either.

Screenshot 2023-09-08 12.50.11.png

and the end of this battle is that I won this battle by adding 35 points and Rp earned also increased by +29,722 and I got SPS of +2.428


this time it was quite a happy battle which I won using my scholarship account. In this battle, we can see where the greatness of the monster that has the double attack ability is to watch out for. and in my victory, I think it was thanks to Carnage Titan who easily used up my opponent's cards with his abilities so I could win more quickly.

I really like this splinterlands game because I've never played a card game as fun as this before. my experience today is invaluable for the development of my strategy in this splinterlands world. I learned how to make the best use of existing regulations. and don't forget, don't be too sad when you face successive defeats and where I have felt it too. The solution is to study your opponent's strategy and find a strategy that suits you. and the most important thing is don't take away the fun here because this is a game



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