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hello, meet again with me Ahmad badrud duja who is usually called badrud. Greetings all

Battle Witch Secrets is a challenge that is held once a week by Splinterlands, so let's take part.


Hi everyone, how was your battle today? is it fun! for today's battle I still haven't gotten my target which today I should have occupied diamond league 1. By playing aggressively I went up and down in the points I got where I lost where my opponent today brought a lot of legendary summoners which I'm still looking for a strategy anything I can do to fight using legendary summoners.

back to the topic of continuing the challenge held by splinterlands this time let's see what rules must be passed to follow him. let's start.



as you can see in the picture above. This is the rule challenge that we have to follow this time, namely RISE OF THE COMMONS where you must and only use your commons monster cards and cannot use legendary monster cards (rare monster cards and EPC monster cards can still be used)


and for this battle I got a battle that required me to look for a good strategy for my battle this time. where in this battle I got the rule, reverse speed where the monster card that has low speed will attack the enemy first.

The second rule is the rise of the commons, which is part of the challenge given this time. and as I explained previously with this rule I cannot use legendary monster cards.

and the last rule is super sneak where all melle monster cards will get the sneak ability which means all monster cards can have the ability to attack from behind.

with the mana given being 27 manacaps and the elements that can be used or active elements are fire, water, earth and dragon. and that way I can't choose the inactive elements this time, namely life and death.


This is the appearance of the image that I will share my experience with and I am interested in all of your fighting experiences. so don't forget to comment and tell me your battle in the world of Splinterlands.


strategies are used to win the battle on the this time.

card imageabilityexplanation
OBSIDIANThis erth summoner card has the ability to increase the strength of all monster cards that have magic attacks, it will increase the magic attack attack by +1For my battle this time I brought an earth summoner named OBSIDIAN which I know about the reverse speed rules. There are many monster cards that have low speed and this is also related to the rise of the commons rule where cards with low speed are not just legendary monster cards.
TERRACEOUS GRUNTThis monster card has the ability to dodge and return firein this battle I brought a monster card called TERRACEOUS GRUNT where the monster I used this time had not yet reached the maximum level where I played it at level 7 I was quite confused about what monster to use as a tank this time
MYCELIC MORPHOIDThis monster card has the ability thomsFor the second position this time I chose MYCELIC MORPHOID to use. I use him for the reason that because this battle can only use quite low manacaps so I use this monster card which doesn't cost a lot of mana but has quite useful power
CHAOS AGENTThis monster card has the ability to dodge, phase and back fireFor the third row this time I used a monster card that has a low mana cost and it has 3 abilities at once which is called dodge, that is, it has a 25% chance of dodging melle attacks or long range attacks. and not only that, he has phase abilities where he can also avoid the opponent's magic attacks and the last one is back fire where if he succeeds in dodging the opponent's monster card he will get a counter attack of 2
GOBLIN PSYCHICThis monster card has the ability to tank heal, affliction, silence and dispelFor the fourth position I chose GOBLIN PSYCHIC to bring. The reason I brought this Goblin is he has a low speed which is suitable for the rules in this battle and also he has the ability to make my tank survive strong enough with its ability. He is the tank healer and he has the affliction ability so that if his attack hits the enemy then there is a chance that the enemy will not be able to get healed. I use the silance ability if the enemy uses a lot of magic attacks and I can reduce the magic attacks my opponent has with the monster cards I brought this time
GOBLIN TOWERThis monster card has the ability to blastIn the 5th position I use GOBLIN TOWER which I use and rely on because it has low speed plus the blast ability it has to reflect its attacks at the opponent. I hope he starts attacking first in battle
XENITH ARCHERThis monster card does not have the abilityand for the final position I used


if you want to see the real match you can see it here
or you can see it on YouTube below.
and if you still can't, you can read it to the end and see screenshots of my battle.



ronde 1

As usual, in the first round, each summoner gives his strength to all the monsters he brings. where both I and my opponent use the same summoner, namely OBSIDIAN with earh elements.

Here I brought 6 monster cards, so my opponent this time brought 6 monster cards too. round 1 as you can see my opponent brought 2 monsters with magic attack while I only brought 1 monster with magic attack.

ronde 2

In the 2nd round my monsters started to fall even though it was still early and I was quite sad about the death of the 2 monsters I brought into the fight. With this, I had 4 monsters left while the enemy monsters still had 6.

ronde 3

and then in the 3rd round I managed to finish off 1 of my enemy's monster cards and here I still had 4 monster cards and my opponent's monster cards were reduced to the remaining 5.

ronde 4

and in the fourth round, I was again able to use up 1 of my opponent's monster cards, where now both my and my opponent's monster cards were left with 4 monster cards.

ronde 5

In round 5 I was able to finish off 1 monster and this time I had 3 remaining monster cards and 2 remaining monster cards from my opponent.

ronde 6

In the 6th round, it was almost the same as the previous round, but my card behind me only had 1 life left and it looked annoying.

ronde 7

and in the 7th round, I had 2 monster cards left and my opponent's monster cards only had 1 left

ronde 9

round 9 I was a little confused why after round 7 I went straight to round 9 instead of round 8. And here my monster card died and I lost.

this is the result of the battle this time. and unfortunately I lost this match.

this battle the enemy seems to be a bit smart and he has an advantage over me to bring adequate cards for this battle.

here I should have won, but because of a mistake I placed my monster so I lost and where I should have won. The lesson for this battle is to be smart in placing the cards you carry. so you can win the battle with your enemy.


Thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to leave a comment, follow and share your experience with me.

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