Dubble's Splinterlands Giveaway #34 - x 5 Card Winners DAILY!

🎁 Welcome To My Splinterlands Giveaway! 🎁

I've been hosting Rising Star giveaways daily for close to a year now and recently got back into playing Splinterlands, I'm really enjoying myself climbing the ranks and re-learning all there is to the game.

I figured now is a perfect time to start up my own Splinterlands giveaway to help those less fortunate than myself and perhaps improve a few individuals decks along the way. 😁

Tomorrow's Card To Be Won: BLOOD MAKER

The Giveaway Rules:

  • Comment below to enter the giveaway but don't forget to include your in-game username please! 💬

  • There will be 5 winners daily receiving one card each, the same person cannot win multiple cards per giveaway.

  • I will be using https://hivetools.herokuapp.com/picker/ website to determine the winners! 🎁

  • Up-Votes, Follows, Reblogs & Tips are not required at all but greatly appreciated if given. Thank you for any support given! 😄

  • !PIZZA🍕, !LUV ❤️, !LOLZ 😂, !PGM 🎮 !BEER 🍺 !WINE 🍷 are not required either but appreciated if tipped!

  • Participants in my giveaways will receive a ping in the following post. If you would like off the ping list then please just do not comment again. Thank you!

  • Winners will be announced in the next giveaway post! 🎁🎉 Good luck to you all! 🎉🎁

Today's Prize Winner's!


Congratulations to @captainquack22, @vaynard86, @criptosectadepit, @rtonline & @ericburgoyne I hope you all enjoy your cards! 🎁 & Thank you for participating!


Your Cards Have All Been Sent!

Thank you for participating! Good luck next time!

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