Splinterlands Diary 29.09.22 - Technowizologist

Hello friends, the long-awaited release of the Riftwatchers Edition was a success, I bought almost 20 packs at the pre-sale and am now enthusiastically trying out the new cards in action.

I definitely like the new Fire cards, and they work great with the new Conqueror Jacek, although the inexpensive classics are just as good. I play with Malric Inferno quite often, and today I decided to see how the melee monsters he boosted would pair up with the new Technowizologist mage.

I haven't pumped my mage yet, but I'm definitely going to improve this card, and at level 4 when it gets Fury ability it becomes really dangerous. And the character design, reminiscent of the Warhammer 40k illustrations, I really like.

So, since my opponent often played with the water element and Reverse Speed was in the rules, I chose the following lineup:

  • An inexpensive Malric Inferno summoner that enhances melee card attacks;
  • The slow but damn powerful Grum Flameblade in the first position;
  • then Junker, also slow, but with more health and the ability to attack from the second position;
  • The third line was taken by Caladuum, whose slowness is compensated by powerful magical attacks and large amount of health;
  • Technowizologist is on the fourth line, and I placed a big bet on his Stun ability;
  • Fifth, I put another new archer, Tinderlock. I really like the fact that he can attack from the first position, and if the situation was not in my favor, there was a chance to see his Last Stand skill in action with doubled stats;
  • I finished off the combo with the new Rune Crafter archer, who with his low speed and Fury ability completed the picture nicely.

Interestingly, my opponent's level was higher than mine, and despite Reverse Speed he used the fast Djinn Oshannus and Prismatic Energy mages, so my main goal was to take out Torhilo the Frozen and Sand Worm.

In fact, thanks to Stun, it all worked out the way I planned and I was able to get my opponent's powerful cards through just in time :)


So that was the battle. Was glad to share the experience, continue to explore the possibilities of new cards and will be glad to meet you on the virtual battlefield :)

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