Splinterlands Diary 25.01.23 - Big Fire Trouble in a Little League

Hello friends! It's great to see the Splinterlands team finding interesting ways to diversify the gameplay, and since I often play in the Golden League, I must admit that I'm very pleased with the innovation of having three rules instead of two.

Of course, there's even more freedom for strategic decisions and clever combinations, and for some strange reason I've been getting a lot of Little League rules, which has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my deck and work on combinations that are most effective.

The funny thing is that with this rule I used my favorite element of Death more often, but I found that Fire was much better at it!

So in the first game I had a mix of Little League, Melee Mayhem, and Up to Eleven, so I went with the classic melee attacker MALRIC INFERNO and leaned on CERBERUS and KOBOLD BRUISER, supported by the fast EXPLOSIVE RATS, the extremely powerful archer FIRE DEMON, and the mage BEETLE QUEEN.

The opponent was very clever and defended himself with ILTHAIN Summoner and slowed down my cards with TIME MAGE, but at the end of the second round, after losing my CERBERUS, I had a significant qualitative advantage, leaving only two rather weak cards :)


In the second match, with Super Sneak, Holy Protection, and Little League rules, I only made one change, using the perfectly protected ANTOID PLATOON instead of the fast EXPLOSIVE RATS, and it was even more fun.

My opponent brought a TARSA Summoner against me, he increased his attacks, and the combination of SPIRIT HOARDER and VENARI SPELLSMITH was a bit dangerous, and by the beginning of the third round I was suffering serious losses, but ANTOID PLATOON held her attacks and was an excellent defender and attacker, and brought me victory in the end.


Such fun battles. Happy to share my experience and I hope you appreciated the reference to the cult movie in the title :)


See you on the battlefield!

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