Splinterlands Diary 15.04.22 - INSIDIOUS WARLOCK


Hello friends, it's the long-awaited last day of the season, the battles are tougher than ever and it took me about two hours to complete today's daily quest for the Water Stage in the Diamond III league. The game algorithm gave me fierce opponents with high level cards, so I had to work hard not to drop out of Gold I.

As a result I got a rather modest reward - 20 DEC, a couple of potions and some common cards, but the Venari Wavesmith came in handy and thanks to it I pumped mine up to level 4 :)

Finished the quest spent a little SPS to buy another pack and got more ordinary cards, as well as a rare archer PELACOR ARBALEST and epic INSIDIOUS WARLOCK.


In order not to drop out of the league, I decided not to experiment with battles yet and to wait until the battery (ENERGY CAPTURE RATE) is charged at least up to 80%. So I was busy with my finances at Tribaldex again - invested some tokens into PIZZA:ONEUP pool, invested a couple dollars in CTP and LISTNERDS, and after receiving payments for last week's post I put several hundreds of tokens into ONEUP:SPT pool. Don't miss the opportunity to earn some cryptocurrency on a full passive :)

There are only a few hours left until the season rewards, so I wish everyone good luck and nice chests :)

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