Splinterlands Diary 14.01.22 - URIEL THE PURIFIER vs YODIN ZAKU

Hey friends, it's about 24 hours until the end of the season and today I'm playing in the Gold I league, slowly making my way to the coveted Diamond.

The day quest for the element of Life went pretty quickly, and since battles with a lot of mana often fell out, I took full advantage of my rented URIEL THE PURIFIER.

The reward was pretty modest, but VENARI WAVESMITH definitely makes me happy :)


During one of my fights I encountered the mighty summoner YODIN ZAKU and it was one hell of a fight. Using the Equal Opportunity rule I staked on melee cards, putting a summoner to increase my attack, while my opponent staked on strong archers.


As you can see, URIEL THE PURIFIER is very decent at both offense and defense, and I'm still a little nervous about not getting it on airdrop :(

It remains only to wish everyone good luck and, as always, see you on the battlefield!

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