Splinterlands Diary 12.02.22 - Deeplurker, Flying Squid & Diemonshark

Hello friends, the path to the Diamond League is very difficult, and I'm still about a hundred points short, and for completing the day's quest for the element of Water received this, a very modest reward:


I use the Gargoya Devil card quite often, so I'm generally happy with the result and bought another Chaos Legion Pack, which included the epic Gem Meteor and four regular cards - Deeplurker, Radiated Scorcher, Stitch Leech and Scavo Hireling.


Epic cards are a good thing, and on top of that I upgraded my Deeplurker to level 2 and decided to try it out in Equal Opportunity rule combat. In addition, I've been replacing Wave Runner a lot lately with the stronger Flying Squid and it was interesting to try out this tactic.

Because my opponent used Kelya Frendul's summoner, I suffered some losses in the first few turns, but then Diemonshark and Flying Squid took over and everything went great, and my Deeplurker did a great job as bait. Watch:


While the battery is restoring, I'll add more pools of PIZZA:DEC and a very promising PIZZA:ONEUP and hope to be in the Diamond League by the end of the day :)


Good luck to everyone and see you on the battlefield!

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