Splinterlands Diary 11.05.22 - Brawl Report


Hi friends! Last night another round in the Guild Brawl, where I fight as a member of Splinterlands.Ru and continue to confidently hold the bar of 5 wins out of 8, losing only to SCARRED LLAMA MAGE or BYZANTINE KITTY. As a result, we finished third in the group and got 738 Merits each, which isn't too bad overall.

By the way, I almost never got Water or Death battles this time, so I decided to focus on Earth and also try some strategies with powerful gladiator PALIDON RAKK.


So in my first fight I used him with MYLOR CROWLING, and since the rule was Sneak, I put him on the second position, behind a powerful FLESH GOLEM, helped by magic attacks WOOD NYMPH, protected from the rear by MYCELIC INFANTRY, with the ability to reduce the damage dealt to him.

The enemy chose a powerful attacking GRUND, but even losing FLESH GOLEM, my fighters did very well.


In the second battle I used this gladiator again with MYLOR CROWLING, but this time, because of the Back to Basics rule, I put him in the first position and assisted him with ACID SHOOTER archer and KHMER PRINCESS mage, protected by FUNGUS FIEND and FURIOUS CHICKEN.

The enemy attack had a strong mage NERISSA TRIDAWN, so it turned out very interesting.


Since the third battle was the Little League rule, I had to use another gladiator - BERTOL GOBSON, and he was assisted by GOBLIN THIEF and PARASITIC GROWTH. On the first position I put a strong BICERATOPS, and to increase his chances - put the healing mage WOOD NYMPH and added magic attacks DJINN BILJKA.

I was extremely concerned that my opponent had HILL GIANT in the first position, and he had 4 mages in his lanairage, reinforced by OBSIDIAN, but my cards were faster, which gave me a good advantage.


In the fourth game I finally got the chance to play as a different elemental, and since Healed Out was the rule, I chose Life with cards that had strong shields. In addition, the LORNA SHINE summoner works well with its DIVINE SHIELD ability in these battles.

So, I chose CHAOS KNIGHT as my attackers, capable of damage reduction, and STITCH LEECH, for a rear attack. My opponent put a GENERAL SLOAN summoner, but didn't choose any archers, so victory was easy :)


And in the last fight, with a lot of mana, of course I put one of my favorite combos - summoner YODIN ZAKU, on the first position LIVING LAVA, gladiator CHIMNEY WALLSTOP and a couple of strong archers. This combo rarely lets me down, and I try it with different archers and mages from time to time so I don't get bored.

On top of that, my opponent had a first-level Tarsa summoner, so he had almost no chance of winning.


Such are the battles. Happy to share my experience and good luck on the virtual battlefields!

P.S. After receiving my payout on Listnerds I converted some tokens to DEC and made a big donation to the guild, thanks to which we pumped our Store to the next level and will be getting 20% more Merits for participating in battles :)

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