Splinterlands Diary 11.01.22 - Goblin Psychic

Hello friends, I'm still climbing the Diamond League and today I completed the daily quest for the element of Dragons and received the following rewards:


Nice to get another rare Venari Wavesmith and almost 90 DECs, so I decided to get another Chaos Legion pack and I didn't miss!


Gold Goblin Psychic (over 10 bucks and a great alternative to classic Wood Nymph) plus Merdaali Guardian, an inexpensive Water Doctor. Pretty good in my opinion, and, of course, not without a field test of the new cards.

Since I was lucky with Dragons today, I decided to try a combo with green cards, and bet on the attack.My opponent had a nice defense, and the Silvershield Assassin brought me a lot of trouble, but I couldn't resist with a solid attack and a Goblin that restored health from the first position.



Now I'm waiting for Energy Capture Rate to be restored, and I'll try to enter the Gold I league today.

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