Splinterlands Diary 10.03.23 - Franz Ruffmane

Hi friends, I keep collecting new cards from Soulbound and yesterday I got lucky with 5 Franz Ruffmane in the daily focus prizes in the Golden League!

A very nice catch and just enough to upgrade my card to level 3.

On top of that, there was another round of Guild Brawls, where I was fighting for the Splinterlands. Ru and of course I decided to try out this powerful card and see how the battles with two gladiators would go.

I chose Fray 8 with any cards and restricted to level 5, and I got three battles, all of which I won. I won one of them by sheer numerical superiority, but the other two were helped by a new summoner.

So the first one I fought was a level 4 General Sloan, with an excellent combination of mages and archers, protected by a strong Shieldbearer. I went with the strong Marisol Contuma for second position attacks and Captain Katie for finishing with magic attacks, as well as Arkemis The Bear for extra shield protection and Silvershield Knight for melee attacks.

By the end of the first round we had both lost Shieldbearer's, but my Marisol Contuma had already started to build up parameters with his Bloodlust ability.

By the beginning of the fourth round my opponent had disabled my Captain Katie, but my Marisol Contuma had become even stronger and faster by then, and the next 8 rounds were a lot of fun.

In round 14, my Silvershield Knight came out on top, and the remaining opposing archers had no choice but to put up against his destructive Piercing ability.


I re-emphasized Marisol Contuma for second position attacks and Captain Katie for finishing it off with magic attacks, reinforced shields with Arkemis the Bear, an Armorsmith repairer, and a Time Mage to slow the opponent down.

In the first round we again went to the exchange of "tanks", but again Marisol Contuma started to pump up the parameters at the expense of Bloodlust, and Captain Katie dealt significant damage to the enemy Lava launcher.

During the third round my gladiators became even stronger, and by the beginning of the fourth round my opponent was left with one weak card Kobold Miner....


I loved this experience, and now need to invest a little more in pumping my Life elemental deck to get it up to the max summoner level :)

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