Splinterlands Diary 09.02.23 - Swamp Spitter

Hello brave warriors of the Splinterlands! I have to admit that I really like the new Soulbound Edition Reward Cards, and I'm even glad that they don't come out as often as I'd like. This gives you time to get used to their features and find the right and most effective combinations.

One of my first and favourite cards is the new Water Archer, Swamp Spitter. With a mana cost of 7, it has good attack and health options, but I'm much happier with its ability to repair allies' shields.

In a recent fight, I faced a very strong opponent with a powerful Yodin Zaku and chose this combo:

Bizantine Kitty

A great summoner for fights with a lot of mana, giving a good speed boost and having the ability to heal the first position.

Arkemis The Bear

A strong melee fighter that gives extra shields to allies. Intuition told me that the enemy will not be limited to mages, and to defend against melee attacks and archers this card is just great!

Djinn Oshannus / Phantom Of The Abyss / Runemancer Kye

The amount of mana allowed, so I used three of my favorite fast and powerful mages at once. On top of that Runemancer Kye has a great ability to restore health through damage, so that combination promised to be most effective.


Given that Thorns rule was in effect in the battle, I couldn't help but take advantage of this archer with an excellent double attack. The first one destroys the shield, the second one deals damage. An excellent ranged fighter.

Swamp Spitter

Rounding out the combo is the culprit, a new archer with the ability to regenerate shields. Along with the summoner that heals the first position and Arkemis The Bear that gives shield protection, I made a big bet that he would show his best side and give a head start to mages to get a quality advantage in combat.

Grum Flameblade looked very threatening in the first position, and the summoner's ability to give his allies explosive attacks was truly intimidating, as was having a Blood Maker archer in his team that could wreak havoc on the battlefield. But the speed paid off, and in the first round I managed to get rid of the enemy tank and deal damage to adjacent cards.

By the third round I had 4 cards left and my opponent only had 2, so the outcome of the battle was clear, and the shield defense worked well on the first turns, so the combo was more than successful.


So that was the battle.

Happy to share my experience, and of course looking forward to seeing more cards with new cool abilities in my deck :)



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