Splinterlands Diary 07.06.23 - Quora Towershead


Hi friends, the last few days have been busy with work and playing in bits and pieces, but the good news is, at least for me. Since the start of Guild Brawl, where I've been fighting for Team Splinterlands. Ru, I dreamed to get a powerful mage warrior of earth elemental - incredible QUORA TOWERSHEAD, but my luck was playing a weird game with me, and for almost a year I cherished my hopes that I'll get it in one of Gladius Cases.

It finally happened!

I'm very happy with this addition and after spending a few battles with it I can safely say - it's one of the strongest cards in the game. The combination of magical and melee attacks give great damage to the enemy, and the self-targeting ability makes it even more dangerous and survivable!

Since I've been pumping my LOBB LOWLAND pretty well this past month, I can use QUORA TOWERSHEAD in medium to high mana ranked battles, and today I did a great job against a level 4 MALRIC INFERNO summoner!

So my lineup:


A powerful summoner that allows you to use cards from the Gladius edition, in addition to reducing your opponent's card speed. Very good, but quite expensive in terms of cost.


The strongest mage with a lot of health and self-healing ability. I put him in the first position to make it harder for the enemy to break through to my next positions.


Since I decided to focus on powerful attacks in this battle, I put this powerful monster in the next line. Its ability to attack from the second position and the combination of magical attack and melee is a miracle, and of course its large amount of health makes it a good substitute for the "tank".


The protagonist of this post. Strongest attack with magic and melee damage, self-healing ability and huge amount of health. Being in a long-range position she replaced the usual mages and, even if the first two cards get out of the game very quickly, the opponent will have to deal with her. On top of that, his cards will be already pretty hit and QUORA will act as a debuffer.


It never hurts to help the tank, so I'll complete the combo with this mage healer to help with the health recovery of the card in the first position.

My opponent staked on archers and accelerated his cards with a cool CLOCKWORK AIDE, and his final combo, CORNEALUS, looked threatening, so my goal was to break through to his archers.

screenshot 14.jpeg

Shields don't matter for magical attacks, so during the first round my mages worked together to take out the enemy's FEROX DEFENDER, while his self-healing ability and WOOD NYMPH support minimized my KRON THE UNDYING.

By the middle of the second round, I had made my way to his archers without loss, and now only had to methodically destroy them, as it was simply impossible to break my attack.

By the fourth round, my opponent only had one card left, and with BLOODLUST, my QUORA had pumped his attack and speed up considerably.

screenshot 15.jpeg

The fifth round was the last and it was a very easy win.

Watch The Battle

I was happy to share this experience and see you on the battlefield!

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