Splinterlands Diary 06.03.22 - Guilds Brawl


Hello friends! Another round of Guilds Brawl is coming to an end, our guild Splinterlands.Ru is still in third place in the group, well, I was lucky enough to win 5 battles out of 7 and will again be happy to share my experience.

I really wanted to try Fire and Life gladiators, but in the rules for some reason most often the average amount of mana fell out, and I had to choose between the elements of Earth and Water, which was even funny.

My favorite element of Earth is MYLOR CROWLING, and thanks to his Thorns damage-reflecting ability, the enemy often "destroys itself", which I'm very happy about.

So in the first fight I decided to use the combo of FLESH GOLEM and REGAL PERYTON, augmented with a fast archer CUTTER BRIEZE, as well as MYCELIC MORPHOID acting as a shield and FUNGUS FIEND, in case of a "break" of my defense.

My opponent's offense was a slow SEA MONSTER, so it was very easy to defeat him. Watch:


In the second battle my opponent also chose the Earth element and a powerful mage KRON THE UNDYING, and I still bet on FLESH GOLEM, but this time instead of archer and mage I used SNEAK attacks of gladiator BERTROL GOBSON and GOBLIN THIEF, diluting the combination by healing my "tank" WOOD NYMPH, at the same time covering the rear with FURIOUS CHICKEN and FUNGUS FIEND.

The KRON of the opponent had to struggle, but once again the victory was very easy. Watch:


In the third battle, since the rule was "no cure", I had to go for a trick - I put LORNA SHINE with the ability DIVINE SHIELD as my summoner, holding back the "first strike". The powerful SHIELDBEARER acted as a tank, the equally powerful gladiator MARISOL CONTUMA attacked from the second position, and while ARMORSMITH was fixing his shields, he was covered by HALFING ALCHEMIST and one of my favorite snipers - DWARVEN WIZARD.

The enemy staked on defense and long-range attacks, so the fight went very smoothly.



In the next battles I used ALRIC STORMBRINGER in Water and in this one I chose SEA MONSTER on the first position with a lot of health and a solid attack since I could only use melee cards, FLYING SQUID to enhance the attack on the enemy tank, ISGALD VORST gladiator with a great ability BLOODLUST, then DEEPLURKER for a fast attack on weak enemy cards and DISINTEGRATOR to lower the enemy attacks. I rounded out the combo with DEMENTED SHARK, which boosted my cards' attack, and it was very cool.

My opponent could have put RELENOR CLEAVER into second position and I would have suffered significant losses, but I was lucky to get rid of THE KRAKEN in time, and the fight was very easy.



In the last fight I used a similar strategy, but because of less mana and REVERSE SPEED rule I replaced FLYING SQUID with cheaper WAVE RUNNER and used FEASTING SEAWEED instead of other cards and covered my back with FURIOUS CHICKEN.

My opponent's card level was low, so my gladiator showed off his talents brilliantly :)



That's some pretty simple strategy. Perhaps they will be useful to you in the future and see you on the virtual battlefields!

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