Splinterlands Diary 02.02.23 - Crazy Party with Astral Entity

Hello friends, the game is enjoying a lot of updates and there are many reasons to look for new spectacular combos for new cards, which turned out to be too much. I'm even glad that I'm getting them little by little, and today I rented a new Death summoner - ASTRAL ENTITY and spent some very interesting battles with it.

Its ability to reduce my opponent's shields and give my cards a better chance to dodge the enemy attack, and on top of that resurrecting the first card I kill gives a lot of room for strategic decisions, but in one of today's battles with Super Sneak I took advantage of the massive mana and decided to try it with my most powerful cards.

It turned out to be really crazy :)

My Lineup:

Astral Entity

To reduce enemy shields, increase opponent's chances to miss and resurrect the first fallen.

Coeurl Lurker, Night Ghoul, Dark Ha' On

Three cards with huge health, the ability to attract enemy attacks, and very impressive powerful attacks. I wanted them to be a distraction, giving the rest of us a chance to destroy the enemy from behind.

Undead Rexx

The big attack and the ability Trumple makes this card a perfect getter, so I couldn't help but take a chance and make several attacks per turn.

Arkemis The Bear

The hotly beloved bear and its ability to give my cards extra protection with shields is just a decoration for a battle with a lot of mana, and I hoped that the opponent wouldn't engage several mages, which work great against this kind of defense.


Completed a combo with this coolest melee fighter, who has a very cool ability to lower his damage. Very resilient card!

My opponent used a very cool Immortalis summoner, and my intuition didn't let me down - he also emphasized close-range attacks, so it all depended on how quickly I destroyed his Goblin Psychic, which had the ability to heal the first position.

The first two rounds went pretty smoothly - we traded blows and I lost my Coeurl Lurker, but I got to the enemy healer by the middle of the third round and gained a significant advantage.

On top of that, my opponent missed very often, and by round 5 he was left with two cards against my 4.

It's a pity that the dinosaur never got a chance to show Trumple, and the final round went without any surprises...

Watch The Battle

Very excited about this new card, definitely going to try it in new combos and I think with the new Reward Cards it will be even better. I promise to come back with another review when I get some new cards in my Death deck :)

See you on the battlefield!

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