Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Djinn Inferni

Hello, brave warriors of the Splinterlands! Even on a weekend the noise of battle never fades, and it's time for another Share Youre Battle Challenge with the epic mage DJINN INFERNI!

With a fairly high mana cost of 7 it has great attack and speed, and I often use it in Back 2 Basics battles with a Tarsa or Pyre summoner. However, today I decided to try something new, and as the mana allowed I put it in a combo with the mighty CONQUEROR JACEK.

My Lineup:


A fairly expensive summoner, but fully justifies the cost with a significant increase in speed and gives archers and mages the ability to deal damage to random targets.


A very strong card that I very often use in conjunction with the elemental Dragons. It gives an excellent head start to archers and mages by deflecting attacks on itself. In this fight the ability doesn't work, so it acts as a defender.


A slow but destructive mage with a lot of health. If my tank leaves the battle early, it will have to take the hits while the rest of them are working on the enemy's rear.


A relatively inexpensive mage who gets extra speed from a summoner and becomes very dangerous.


A strong mage gets a speed boost and becomes very dangerous for weak enemy cards, and I was counting on it to help break the enemy's first position faster, giving the rest of them a chance to take them down hard.


I try to use the cards from the Riftwatchers edition more often and that high speed archer is very good! If not for the null ability, on top of that he weakened his opponent's ranged attacks, giving him a significant advantage.


Quite an underrated card, in my opinion, and I meet it in battles very rarely, although its ability to destroy the shields - it's just cool! But in this case, I once again bet on the speed attack.

The enemy had a great combo of ranged cards - CENTAURY MAGE, MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN, GOBLIN CHARIOT and GOBLIN SORCERER, protecting them with NECTAR QUEEN so the battle was expected to be hot!

By the end of the second round, I had lost my SOEURL LURKER without doing much damage to my opponent and only destroying the GOBLIN SORCERER.

But the reliance on high-speed attacks still worked. DJINN INFERNI pressed hard on MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN, and chaotic archer attacks took out his dinosaur and GOBLIN CHARIOT.

By the beginning of the fourth round I had a significant quantitative and qualitative advantage, so the outcome was clear :)

Watch The Battle

DJINN INFERNI definitely has a lot of potential, and this card is great in medium to high mana battles. Especially with the speed bonus :)

It was a pleasure to share the experience and see you on the battlefield!

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