Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Cursed Windeku

Hello friends, with 2023 just around the corner, it's time for the last Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge post of the year, featuring the terrifying Cursed Windeku.

I've been paying a lot of attention to the element of Death over the last couple of weeks and last week I upped my Cursed Windeku to level 5, as well as boosting Silent Sha-Vi to level 6 and I have to say they work just fine as a pair.

Windeku's ability to regenerate has made him even more dangerous, so my win percentage has increased considerably and I often put him at the top of my list

In this fight I chose the following lineup:


Coolest summoner and one of my favorite cards My ability to poison my opponent's cards gives me a significant advantage, and often my opponent is not ready for such a strong attack :)


Its large amount of health, strong attack, ability to return damage and healing make this card a great tank, and in addition with the "poisoning" ability it becomes the most destructive.


I often bet on speed, and this classic card with the ability to attack from second position helped me a lot. It even defeated the mighty Djinn Ohannus a few times, so it's a good, time-tested weapon.


While the enemy is trying to deal with my tank this snake is working on the rear, and thanks to its Cirrelle ability it's able to make the enemy really uncomfortable. In addition, this card has excellent speed, so you can get a small advantage in the first rounds.


At first glance it seems to be a very weak mage, but thanks to its ability to gain life points by dealing damage to the enemy, it can be very impressive, so I was betting on it to last the first three rounds and build up its health.


Since I was using WAKA SPIRITBLADE and poison, it was a good idea to weaken my opponent's cards, and this mage, which lowers the health of enemy cards, was a good way to do that.

The enemy was more than worthy, and LIVING LAVA with SERPENTINE SPY and TENYII STRIKER, augmented by TARSA's summoner, looked pretty threatening!

By the beginning of the second round, I lost my mages and didn't deal any damage, but I managed to poison his tank, so I hoped on my Windeku's toughness.

In the third round, I only had a couple cards left, but they were the basis of my strategy, and the battle went "my way.

Lacking LIVING LAVA and SERPENTINE SPY, my opponent had very weak cards, so it wasn't too hard to win.

Watch The Battle

Was glad to share the experience, no doubt - I will continue to pump CURSED WINDEKU to the next levels, and hopefully we will meet on the virtual battlefields!

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