Hey friends, a new week is a new reason to test your deck and today, with 24 hours left in the season, I decided to take part in a new round of the beloved SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! This time the @Splinterlands team suggested using the interesting card Radiated Brute, and of course it's impossible to pass up!

I have this monster in my deck in Gold Foil, pumped up to level 4, and because of its ability to attack from second position and its low speed, I often use it in battles with little mana and Reverse Speed rule. On top of that, he has good attack and health for a relatively low cost, which has helped me out more than once.


By some strange coincidence, the game algorithm today pleases weak opponents, and I tried different combos, but I think the most fun is using this card with dragon elemental summoners.

For example, in this battle I chose the following strategy:

  • Daria Dragonscale summoner, which enhances melee attacks;
  • Exploding Dwarf on the first position, for distributed damage on the first two enemy cards, and with the Equalizer health rule boosted;
  • Radiated Brute with the ability to attack from the second position and, replacing the dwarf, in case of his defeat;
  • a fast Serpentine Spy to attack the opponent's weak cards;
  • Kobold Bruiser "on the finish line" since Melee Mayhem is in the battle rules.

My opponent had a more expensive line-up and Living Lava on the first position didn't inspire confidence, since it has good attack parameters and damage minimization, as well as Spirit Miner, which is quite destructive, but I was very lucky and Radiated Brute did a great job of finishing it off.


Happy to share my experience and see you on the virtual battlefields!

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