Hi, Hive! Against the backdrop of frightening events from Ukraine, it is very difficult to write, and for the game as a whole not enough time, as work takes away a lot of energy, but nevertheless today, after passing the day quest decided to take part in a new round of Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge and try out a couple of strategies with a great fighter CHAOS KNIGHT.

I got this card in a gold foil in one of the first dozen Chaos Legion packs, so I'm happy to take full advantage of it available at level 3.

Admittedly, I really like the combination of summon cost with its attack, speed, and defense parameters, and sometimes it makes a good alternative to a classic Silvershield Paladin or a powerful Shieldbearer. This is especially true in battles with Healed Out and Weak Magic rules.

In the battle I decided to share, I chose this strategy:

  • TYRUS PALADIUM summoner to enhance my fighters' shields;
  • CHAOS KNIGHT on the first position to attack the enemy tank, as well as to contain it thanks to the ability to "lower" short and long-range attacks of the enemy;
  • ARMORSMITH in the second position to restore my "main" fighter's shield;
  • SILVERSHIELAD ASSASSIN in the third position, for a swift "double" attack on the enemy's rear;
  • DIVINE HEALER on the fourth to heal the first position and magic attacks on the opponent's "tank";
  • HALFING ALCHEMIST completes the combo, and I hoped to minimize my opponent's attacks with it;

The opponent was very dangerous!

  • I had QUIX THE DEVIOUS dragon summoner, which lowers my archers' attack and the speed of my cards;
  • A powerful ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT in first position with impressive parameters and magic damage absorption abilities, as well as Divine Shield;
  • DIVINE HEALER to heal it;
  • TRUTHSPEAKER to increase shields!
  • And for dessert, rear protection with a level 7 PELACOR CONJURER!!!

The situation looked very unpleasant...



Thanks to the fact that HALFING ALCHEMIST at the end of the second round reduced the attacks of ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT, I had an excellent chance to win, and the rest depended on how quickly SILVERSHIELAD ASSASSIN would deal with PELACOR CONJURER and how many moves CNAOS KNIGHT would withstand.

Fortunately - everything worked and even despite the superior forces of the enemy managed to win. It's been a long time since I was this nervous about a battle.

I was glad to share the experience. Hope all is well with you and see you on the virtual battlefields!

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