Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Molten Ash Golem

Hi friends, I love a nice coincidence and this week while pumping up my deck I raised my Molten Ash Golem to level 5 and was very surprised when this card turned out to be the new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge theme.

Admittedly, I don't use it much, as it has a modest speed and attack cost of 6 mana, but its ability to attack from first position and high health make it a good ally in battles with Reverse Speed rule or the new Briar Patch, when all cards have Thorns and archers or mages are crucial.

However, because of his high health he's also a good living shield, so I used two of his combos today:

  • MALRIC INFERNO summoner to enhance my melee attacks;
  • CERBERUS in the first position with a good attack and healing ability;
  • MOLTEN ASH GOLEM for ranged attacks in the first rounds and defending the rest of the cards after the tank is out;
  • SCORCH FIEND to distract cards with Opportunity ability;
  • TENYII STRIKER for quick attacks behind enemy lines;
  • FURIOUS CHICKEN - another free fighter to distract cards with Opportunity ability;
  • DJINN APPRENTICE mage for boosting the attack on the enemy's first position.

My opponent came out with the cheap summoner XANDER FOXWOOD, which gave him a mana advantage and used UNICORN MUSTANG as a tank, GOBLIN PSYCHIC for healing and magic attacks, and also - did not disappoint my expectations and put VENARI SCOUT with Opportunity ability!

By the start of the second round my CERBERUS and the enemy VENARI SCOUT had dropped out of the game and the chop started, which I had hoped for. MOLTEN ASH GOLEM held the defense, while TENYII STRIKER methodically destroyed the enemy from behind.

In the third round the enemy came in without GOBLIN PSYCHIC, and MOLTEN ASH GOLEM was doing a great job dealing damage to UNICORN MUSTANG.

By the sixth round we had one card left - TENYII STRIKER on my side, and his badly beaten UNICORN MUSTANG - and the final battle was more than predictable.


Such a battle it turned out :) Happy to share my experience and hope you can find some use for this archer :)

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