Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Mycelic Infantry

Hi friends! New Year's Eve is coming and the mood is just great, so last night, after receiving awards for the season decided to take part in a new round of Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge and do a few battles with the excellent melee card MYCELIC INFANTRY.

His Shield ability makes him a great frontrunner, and his lack of speed makes him particularly good at Reverse Speed, but my favorite combination is using him and a couple of mages with MYLOR CRAWLING, which gives the card the Thorns ability.

So, for this battle I chose the following line-up:


To protect my mage and my attacker with Sneak. With the Thorns ability and a lot of health, this card should have made my opponent deal damage to himself. In addition, the Melee Mayhem rule was in effect, and I expected my opponent to pick some melee cards.


A great card to distract your opponent and his fighters with Opportunity. In addition, if my tank leaves the battlefield early, this legendary will give my remaining cards a head start.


Since I have limited mana in this game, I thought the enemy would use the weaker archers and mages, so this card should take care of his rear :)


Another card that was responsible for distracting fighters with the Opportunity ability. The Thorns ability makes this chicken even more dangerous :)


Rounding out the combo is an excellent mage, who, thanks to the Snipe ability, does a great job of dealing with the enemy's long-range positions.

I had a very strong opponent, of course (with level 5 cards!), but I figured he had VENARI SCOUT with Opportunity and a weak mage called DJINN BILJKA, so everything depended on how strong my MYCELIC INFANTRY was.

By the beginning of the second round my opponent had taken heavy losses, mostly due to the damage returned to his cards thanks to my Torns ability, so the battle went exactly as I planned and moreover - with almost no losses on my part (not counting the heroically fallen chicken).

I didn't expect it to go that fast, but I managed to win by the beginning of the third round, and MYCELIC INFANTRY lived up to my expectations.

Watch the battle.

Was happy to share the experience and hopefully we'll meet on the battlefields!

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