BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge - Equal Opportunity

Hello, friends! The weekend is in full swing, I returned from a trip to the countryside and since I have some free time I decided to devote it to my favorite game and another round of BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge.

This week the rule was Equal Opportunity, which gives all allies to attack their opponent's weak cards first, and, contrary to tradition, it fell to me quite often. Tried several different strategies, lost a couple of times to strong opponents with SCARRED LLAMA MAGE, but in one of the fights I decided to bet on a fast attack and the blitzkrieg was successful!

I once again bet on the element of Death, and chose the following linup:


A great summoner, giving allies to deal extra damage to the enemy with the Poison ability.


A great tank with a lot of health and a good attack, but most of all with Thorns, so every successful attack against the enemy turns back on him!


On the second line I marked this speedy melee monster. His attacks, together with the Blast ability from the rules of combat, can be a big problem for the opponent, and even if he defends properly, with this card you can quickly get rid of his advantage.


In battles with Super Sneak and Equal Opportunity rules, cards with the ability to do double damage are extremely useful, and since the attacks are enhanced with Blast and Poison, I gave third place to this possessed card.


One of my favorite mages. Its strong attack, large amount of health and, on top of that, the ability to fly with good speed make it quite dangerous, so I was hoping to use it to cause some chaos to the enemy squad...


The advantages are worth increasing, so in order to make the speed of my cards even more effective, this mage, able to slow down the enemy, was placed in this position. Getting that advantage, even for the first couple of turns, can make a big difference in the battle.


Last, and by no means least, was this mage, with little life but tremendous speed. Not many would outrun him, so I was counting on him to deal damage and snag his cards with Blast, so I could buy my allies a little head start.

My opponent chose Water, and was pretty clever with KELYA FRENDUL, which gives extra shield protection, and the powerful SEA MONSTER in first position and the awesome SWAMP SPITTER, which can repair shields, looked really dangerous, so I assumed the worst.

But speed played its part! During the first round, my fast cards destroyed half of my opponent's cards, and even though I lost FALLEN SPECTRE I was able to poison one of my opponent's cards, so I didn't even make it to the third round.

A well-coordinated attack and Blast did the trick.

Fast and neat :)

Watch The Battle

These furious and fast fights happen very often, so every time the Equal Opportunity rule comes up, I bet on speed and very rarely go on defense. And most of the time it works just fine.

Happy to share my experience and see you on the battlefield!

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