BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge - Close Range

Hello friends, another week is rapidly coming to an end. The weekend is in full swing, which means there's time for more battles, so I decided to devote a few hours to participate in the new BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge round and try out a couple of combinations in Close Range rule battles.

As always - the stronger the desire, the funnier his majesty Chance treats it and the desired rule fell to me only two times in three hours and a little and one of these battles I am very happy to share.

Since I couldn't use neutral cards because of the second Taking Sides rule, I opted for a combination of Life and powerful Dragon Elemental cards.

So, my lineup:


The core of my strategy was to lower enemy attacks, and since I assumed my opponent was using archers because of the Close Range rule, I chose this summoner, which negatively affects my opponent's archers and also cuts down the speed of my opponent's cards. It's great to get that advantage in combat!


I didn't think twice about the tank's position and gave it to this tough melee fighter. His high health, strong shield, and ability to draw enemy attacks makes him the perfect card for the first position.


Attacks from the second position are extremely useful and help to get rid of the enemy tank quickly, so I put this strongest card with a cool ability to do double damage on this one. It works especially well when the enemy is counting on shields :)


It's long been a good habit of mine to opt for fast magical attacks, so the third spot goes to this mage. My opponent's cards, slowed by my summoner, didn't stand a chance against him :)


Probably one of the main cards in this combo. A great archer with the double attack ability, supported by the Close Range rule becomes even more dangerous, and even if the opponent manages to take my first three fighters out of the game quickly, he'll have trouble with this guy for sure :)


It's sometimes very difficult to do without tank healing, so the next position went to this archer healer. The longer my SHIELDBEARER, which distracts attacks, lasts, the more damage my other cards do! The handicap is very important.


Rounding out the combo is another fast archer with a cool Snipe ability. While the opponent is busy with my first positions this beauty will work on the rear and by the middle of the battle will do significant damage to the opponent's cards standing on the far side.

It was a very worthy opponent. In addition to General Sloan's archer, he had a very powerful URIEL THE PURIFIER on his first position, and just like me he had SHIELDBEARER to divert his attack and make his shields stronger with TRUTHSPEAKER, so it was going to be a heated battle.

By the middle of the second round my archers and agu managed to get rid of the enemy SHIELDBEARER and all the attacks concentrated on his tank, which during the first turn was under excellent shield protection

The third round began with the fact that the enemy broke my tank, but by the middle of the round I again pulled the advantage over me and destroyed his URIEL THE PURIFIER, thus opening the way to the archers.

Up to the beginning of the 4th round I went without losses, but the enemy was losing his cards one by one and he just didn't make it to the 5th round :)


I really like it when a fight goes exactly the way I planned and even more enjoy picking cards that turn advantages into disadvantages and even make a cool ability like Close Range, enhanced with a summoner, completely useless :)

Happy to share that experience :)

I've decided to diversify my content a bit, so I'll be posting Splinterlands stuff at D.Buzz from time to time.

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