BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge - Armored Up

Greetings, brave warriors of the Splinterlands! A new battle season is in full swing. The buzz on the battlefield continues unabated and this weekend I decided not to break tradition and joined the new round of BATTLE MAGE SECRETS challenge, especially since the game team has chosen the interesting Armored Up rule.

In these battles I usually focus on magical attacks that bypass shields, and I quite often use the SCAVO HIRELING card, which does a great job of shield repairing and gives a significant advantage in battles against archers and melee monsters.

This morning the opportunity to play a battle with this rule and Fire elemental came at the right time, so I opted for this lineup:


A great summoner that reduces enemy shields by two points and allows you to use gladiators in ranked battles.


A monster with large health pool and the ability to deal damage to enemy melee attacks.


One of the most powerful gladiators, and probably my favorite card with the ability to attack from the second position. In addition Bloodlust's ability makes him stronger with each new attack victim, so my strategy was based on his attacking


In case my first two cards get out of the battle early, I put this dog that can heal his wounds And its combination of speed and attack for relatively little mana is amazing.


Shield repairing, as I said before, gives a good advantage in battles against archers and melee monsters, so I gave this line to this inexpensive repairer.


Completed a combo with this card, capable of lowering the melee damage it deals. It's perfect for defending against Sneak cards!

Got a pretty decent opponent! Level 4 TARSA summoner, the strongest GRUM FLAMEBLADE in the first position, some strong Sneak and Opportunity cards, so it should be a very interesting battle!

We split our blows quickly in the first round, but my SCAVO HIRELING had time to repair the MOLTEN OGRE shield, so by the start of the third round I managed to shift the advantage to my side. Having lost his tank, his opponent was not in a good position.

In the third round I lost my tank, but I did a lot of damage, and CHIMNEY WALLSTOP was unstoppable and he significantly increased his parameters.

As a result, round 5 was the final round, and the opponent had no chance to resist my gladiator.

Watch The Battle

Happy to share this experience with you, looking forward to the next round of the Challenge and, as always, look forward to seeing you on the virtual battlefield!

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