[Xenith Archer] Share your Battle challenge (1)

First attempt at the Xenith Archer share your battle challenge, its a pretty nice card to use for a backline shield due to its low cost in low mana battle since it is still able to attack from the back since its a range unit.

Link to the Battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_fd4fe882941c6647b0201100567d1ddf&ref=dotz132

Card Background Information

EditionChaos Legion

Card level & stats

Bronze max | LV2 - +1 Health
Sliver max | LV4 - +2 Speed
Gold max | LV6 - +1 Damage & +1 Health
Diamond and above | LV MAX - +1 Damage & +1 Health

Pros & Cons


  • Low Cost
  • Range Attacker
  • Neutral element allowed to use in all teams


  • Low Speed (beneficial in reverse speed)
  • Low Damage.

Battle rules

SymbolRule Effect
All healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.
Only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles.

Total Mana : 28
Usable elements : All Elements

Look at the opponent last 5 matches they seem to favor a thorn main tank and have some sort of sneak attacker.

Team Composition

Role: Summoner

Kelya Frendul was chosen for the extra speed and armor since the opponent seems to favor melee and range attacks so the extra armor might help the units survive one extra attack which helps immensely. Speed is always great since it increases the dodge chance and increases the hit chance.

Position: Main Tank

Diemonshark chosen for its high HP , armor values and pretty high speed value, its high armor and HP is the counter to the thorns the opponent might use, normally I would use the serpent of eld but it will die to thorns in like 3-4 hits since its HP is quite low.

Role: Filler/ Sub Tank

Torrent Fiend like the other in the series its used as a filler unit to take the damage for others since its cost zero mana to use and in this match I still had slots to fill after using all my mana so it became the subtank.

Role: Magic Damage/ Sneak/

Djinn Oshannus chosen for its high speed and magic damage, it has void and phase as well which is great if the opponent suddenly runs magic units instead since he would have less damage

Role: Opportunist/ Melee Damage

DeepLurker, the main damage dealer in the team with its high damage value and ability to target the weakest unit on the opponent team it will pick off the weak enemy's first to reduce their damage

Role: Star of the Challenge/ Range Damage/ Sneak Shield

Xenith Archer the star of the challenge, Technically I could have picked Igor Darkspear for this position since its the same cost and has more HP but I forgot that its exist since I use the Xenith Archer most of the time for other element when i need a 2 mana backline defender.

Xenith Archer chosen for being a range unit so it can avoid the thorns damage if they run a thorn tank for their main tank.

Now on to the Battle

Round 1

Well studying your opponent previous matches does pay off most of the time as their team is more or less similar to what they previously played, well i know I am more or less guilty of doing the same since I do like to run certain lineups as well when I see a familiar ruleset

Did not expect the level difference thou makes it harder to win since the levels do add stats to most cards and might give them abilities

Round 2

That backfire killed my Xenith Archer if the riftwing was a lower level it would have been safe and still be able to attack till the end of the battle but due to it being a level card its attacks were cut short.

Did manage to get rid of their main tank but I also lost my own main tank.

Round 3 & 4

With the riftwing gaining more HP everytime a unit is taken out it stays quite strong as a subtank and that is not good for me since I have 2 units left at this point and Djinn Oshannus is very low on HP and damage has been reduced by their summoner, leaving only deeplurker as the one capable of doing anything

Round 5 & Beyond

Luckily deeplurker is faster than the mantoid by 1 speed allowing me to takeout the riftwing before it took out the deeplurker and since the mantoid is a range attacker without close combat it could not attack once it reached the front and was taken out for the win.

Strategy Talk

Xenith Archer, I mostly use it in low mana battle as a sneak shield since its a range attacker, works well in reverse speed since its quite slow, help when the enemy runs a thorn tank since its not affected by thorns since it a range attacker.

Another benefit of the Xenith Archer is that its a neutral unit, which allows it to fill any team unlike units locked to an element such as igor darkspear plus its a rare card and not an epic if the ruleset only allowed rare and below Xenith Archer would still have been in my backline since it does the job pretty well.

Its damage is a bit on the low side and if they played a unit with shield it basically would do no damage since shield will negate the damage if it has a value of one and that why you should pair it with a magic attack since those are not affected by shield and with Xenith Archer it will deal with those with void.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team

If you are interested in the game, here's my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=dotz132

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