[Silent Sha-VI] Share your Battle challenge (2)


Second attempt at the Silent Sha-VI share your battle challenge, this time round i used it with a dragon summoner .

Link to the Battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_ae9d3a92a418546b61cbe6594893fc90&ref=dotz132

Card Background Information

EditionChaos Legion
AbilitiesSneak/ Cripple (LV6)/ Piercing (LV10)
SymbolRule Effect
ability_sneakTargets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster
ability_crippleEach time an enemy is hit by a Monster with Cripple it loses one max health
ability_piercingIf Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health

Card level & stats


Bronze max | LV3 - +1 Speed & +1 Damage
Sliver max | LV5 - +1 Speed & +1 Health
Gold max | LV8 - Gains Cripple, +1 Speed & +1 Health
Diamond and above | LV MAX - Gains Piercing & +1 Damage

Cost per level (used prices at time of writing)


Seems to cost at least 0.13 per copy, if possible get 1 copy to get fp points.

Bronze max | LV3 - 14 copies = 1.82 usd.
Sliver max | LV5 - 60 copies = 7.8 usd.
Gold max | LV8 - 220 copies = 28.6 usd.
Diamond and above | LV MAX - 400 copies = 52 usd.

Level 3 is the damage upgrade so it the good level to get it at. level 6 gives it cripple which is pretty strong however you do need quite a high level summoner to get the effect.


if getting a level 3 card is what you want get the gold foil version its is cheaper and gives that gold card fp boost.

Battle rules


SymbolRule Effect
imageNon-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.
imageNeutral Monsters may not be used in battles.

Total Mana : 34
Usable elements : Fire, Water, Death and Dragon

From looking at the past 5 battles the opponent seem to favor using a magic reflect summoner so my build will try not to use magic units to prevent the effect from hurting me.

Team Composition

Role: Summoner

Quix The Devious was chosen as I saw some range units being used on their past team and that minus to speed is going to help out.

Position: Main Tank/ Thorns

Djinn Chwala with its thorn and good amount of armor it one of the better main tanks to use since it will survive longer in earthquake matches while harming the opponent melee units

Role: Double Strike/ Sub Tank/ Melee Damage

Carnage Titan, another unit with high armor and with its double strike it will do quite a bit of damage which works well in earthquake matches.

Role: Void/ Flying/ Magic Damage

Void Dragon with its void ability and flying there is no fear to magic reflect unless the magic reflect is amplified as the reflected damage will be negated by the void.

Role: Sneak Shield/Flying

Carrion shade just one sneak shield to protect the void dragon.

Role: Melee Damage/ Sneak/ Star of the Challenge

Silent Sha-VI with its sneak it will try to take out as many units as possible with its high damage.

Role: Sneak Shield/Filler

Corpse Fiend cost zero so its the prefect filler unit.

Now on to the Battle

Round 1


As expected from the past few battle a magic reflect summoner was used along with some range units luckily I went with more melee unit however they do have a demoralizer with does reduce my melee unit damage.

another unlucky thing is that they are using a thorn backline tank which stops my Silent Sha-VI from hurting their backline reducing its usefulness.

Round 2


Void dragon is showing its worth by taking no damage from the magic reflect and the armor on the main tank is keeping it alive while its thorns are hurting their main tank.

Round 3


Their team contains few flying units and their flying units are not ranged, which makes them unable to hurt my team. their range units are non-flying units and do not have any armor which allows them to be damaged by the earthquake.

Round 4


The earthquake damage is basically killing the opponent team for me and my team's survival was thanks to the reduction of range damage and high armor values of the main and subtank.

Round 5 & Beyond


The void dragon fights with their last unit which has no damage and due to having void takes no damage from the damage reflect and makes it just a waiting game before the fight end.

Strategy Talk

Silent Sha-vi gets it damage boosted at level 3 and the gold foil version starts at level 3 so if you were to get one get the gold foil version for that damage boost and focus point boost from the gold card.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team
Can't wait to see which card will be in Next's weeks challenge

If you are interested in the game, here's my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=dotz132

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