[Life Sapper] Share your Battle challenge (2)

Second attempt at the Life Sapper share your battle challenge, This time used in during a reverse speed and little league match as my copy was lower in level it had less speed compared to the venari bonesmith at level 6.

Link to the Battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_3b65e0fc6185126be74513f68f028ebb&ref=dotz132

Card Background Information

EditionChaos Legion
AbilitiesLife Leach/ Redemption (level 8)

Card level & stats

Bronze max | LV2 - +1 Speed
Sliver max | LV4 - +1 Damage
Gold max | LV6 - +1 Speed & +1 Health
Diamond and above | LV MAX - Gain Redemption & +1 Health

Cost per level (used prices at time of writing)

Seems to cost at least 0.18 per copy, which is somewhere in the middle of the rare cards for the chaos legion.

LeagueMax Level - Copies neededCost
Bronze maxLV2 - 5 copies0.9 usd.
Sliver maxLV4 - 25 copies4.5 usd.
Gold maxLV6 - 60 copies10.8 usd.
Diamond and aboveLV MAX - 115 copies20.7 usd.

Level 4 is required to get that sweet sweet damage boost which does allow it to hit through void dealing 1 damage which is quite important else it would be doing nothing in the battle.

the gold foil starts at level 2 but cost about 2 x the amount of a regular level 2 and would require 4 copies just to get the damage boost which makes it quite ok if all you want is the damage boost since the price is only 2x more for more cp and that 10% gold foil buff.

Battle rules

SymbolRule Effect
Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles.

Total Mana : 34
Usable elements : Fire, Life, Death and Dragon

Well the mana amount does not really matter as long as its above 28 since the max the match is limited to those 4 mana and below, with reverse speed in play choosing slower unit would be better to get the first hit.

Team Composition

SummonerThaddius Brood Choosen for the -1 to both the enemy's hp and magic damage making little league units weak is always the way to go
Main tank, ShieldCrypt Beetle having shield in little league is quite strong since most low mana card do not have high attack values halving the attack is great, unless its a magic attack then this beetle is going to die quite fast
Reach, Affliction, Sub tankShadow Snitch with reach and the high hp for its cost its a great sub tank plus has affliction to prevent healing
Triage, Blind, DispelSpirit Hoard with its triage to help in backrow healing and blind to make the opponent increase in missing its a great card to use plus its super slow at a speed of 1
Stun, immunityRevealer with its stun it might become the mvp in this battle since being stunned is really bad for that unit
Magic damage, Life Leach, Star of the ChallengeLife Sapper the star of the hour with its life leach it does grow its hp with every attack and if it lasts for a while its hp will grow to be quite a big amount plus due to its current level it has a lower speed
Sneak, poisonUraeus with poison which is always strong and with sneak it will start by getting rid of the backline to kill off those big damage units that are hiding in the backrow

Now on to the Battle

Round 1

Another death team as well, not like there were many options since only 4 elements were available so it was a 25% chance to get the same element unless you count dragon with death units.

Due to them using the same summoner my magic damage did drop to one which made their main tank with void basically negate all the damage my magic damage units do but the stun effect still trigger which is good since being stun makes them unable to use their self heal.

unlucky that my main tank got hit by their poison which is going to kill it soon,
at the end of the round my team is still full while they lost one unit but due to the poison effect when the next turn starts i would lose a unit

Round 2 to 4

That stun works so well preventing their units from attacking which buys valuable time for my team to attack their uraeus is a higher level which made it faster by 1 allowing for my uraeus to dodge the attack which is surprising.

Their team has great luck on those poison hit reducing my units but i do have great luck on those stun hit which does balance things out.

The rounds ends with both sides losing most of their units the opponent is left with 3 units while i have 4 with one being poison so it will expire on the next round start so it can be counted as a 3v3.

Round 5 to The Last Round

IT was quite close and i thought i was going to lose this battle, that lucky poison ended the battle in my favor, since the Revealer has immunity it will not be poisoned but the amount of health it had was not a lot at 3 points without the uraeus the game would most like been a win for the opponent as they have poison and life leach and their tank has so much hp remaining.

Strategy Talk

The strategy was revolves using the reverse speed ruleset as much as possible to get those good first hits which can change the battle since if you remove a opponent's unit it would mean less damage they will be able to deal on that turn

Life Sapper get it to level 4 at least as it get that 1 point of damage buff it is an odd mana card which allows it to be used when vernari bonesmith is banned from the ruleset, the gold foil level 4 is not that much more expensive and can be considered to get it if you want a level 4 copy.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team
Can't wait to see which card will be in Next's weeks challenge

If you are interested in the game, here's my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=dotz132

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