Splinterlands: Your Heaven To Riches

Disclaimer: The main audience of this blog is from social media users, which are unaware of splinterlands earning potential and don't see it as a game (I see splinterlands as Pokemon) but more like an investment vehicle.

This is my entry for Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! @steemmonsters @splinterlands

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What is NFT?

First option is Google Defination!

My version: Imagine there is a popular show and only 10 toys are made based on that show and non of the new toys can be made based on that show in any way possible. Now, what will be the price of that single unique toy that every child in the world wants? That toy is called NFT.

Suppose you are not interested in game and wanna make quick bucks only?


I bought this NFT about 1 month ago around 1.20$. Why I bought that card? It's a neutral card (flexible) and a support time. It was enough to know its price will boom soon.

Wanna see magic?


I will rest my case now!

I hope it is enough for today to get your attention so you can try this amazing game. I will upload new blogs on splinterlands soon. A follow would be great! :)

Please Support/Upvote my work because all the earning are used to buy splinterlands NFTs (I never sell, only rent. Life time hodler).

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