First time I participate in the Weekly Challenge. This week's challenge is to battle with CURSED WINDEKU.

Card features.
Edition: Chaos Legion
Rarity: Rare
Element: Death
Attack: Melee
Abilities: Thorns

For your skills this card must be placed in the first position. To be a tank it lacks a shield. It largely compensates for the lack of shield with the sheer amount of life it has.

When it is attacked melee returns the damage. This is his main skill. It has the ability of thorns.

In battle what we are looking for with this card is to try to weaken the cards of the melee attack enemy which is what we expect him to place in the first position.

Cursed Windeku must do the dirty work and wear down the enemy so that the rest of the cards that make up our team win the battle.

The other great advantage of the card is that it has few mana points in relation to the nine life points it has. By having a score of 6 of mana we can place other cards in battle.

It has its problems too. If the enemy bases his attack on the magic Cursed Windeku will not be able to give us advantage of his ability. Having no shield must try to survive with your life points. Nor can we take advantage of it when it is attacked by remote cards.

Sale price / Card rental.

At low levels of the card the price is low. If we consider that we can use it often, we should buy it. I think the price of the card is low compared to the strategic possibilities it provides us.

Link of the battle


The total mana allowed was 16. I preferred to concentrate all that mana on 2 cards. Having fewer cards in battle gave Cursed Windeku a greater chance of being attacked. The other card I chose was Void Dragon. I didn't choose this second card because of its special abilities. I chose it for its high speed and for having a magic attack.

He hoped that Cursed Windeku would receive all the punishment to end the battle with Void Dragon gaining victory.

In the battle Cursed Windeku hurt the enemy a lot. While she was alive she punished the enemy's cards very much. When my second card was left alone in battle I was intact with life. I end up winning the battle easily.

The enemy used low mana cards and put more cards into battle. Windeku was responsible for much of the enemy's destruction.


I think it's a card to buy. It is strategically useful in battle and is not expensive at low levels. I know that at higher levels the card improves a lot but as the league I am in does not allow me to try it I prefer not to comment on it.

I think this card should be bought.

I hope you enjoy this post.

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