Splinterlands ~ Weekly Giveaways #006 (ends 12th March)

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Hi everyone, welcome back again to my Splinterlands Weekly Giveaways. I am sorry this post is delayed for a day from it's original published day (Sunday Noon). A lot of things didn't go well last week, one of them which drained most of my time and thought was that my old man got that pandemic flu symptom and we had to take care of him at home. Luckily he has got better now and I can focus doing my routine works.


List of Participants:

@luizeba @dubble @amaillo-m @wilsuri @onefapman @blitzzzz @henruc @amaari @gessy @eman13088 @tedus @batistebou @relf87 @madjimmy @mcrahman91 @uglykillerpigz @ghostlybg @myeong @davideownzall @nane-qts @flummi97 @matimath @gregory-f @tokutaro22 @ianballantine @stekene @dracozauberer @asrullpare @matthew14429 @maurye23 @mxm0unite @litrydow @jmehta

I hope I don't miss out anyone here 🤣 , all are manually picked from comment's section. So here is the video of the drawings

if you don't want to skip the drawing process, here is the result screen shoot:

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And here are our winners:

winner 1.jpg

winner 2-3.jpg

winner 4-5.jpg

Thank you to all participants and congrats for our winners @ianballantine , @tedus , @onefapman , @jmehta , and @relf87 . Hope you all like it and keep participating in my upcoming giveaways


Actually I want to have another 8 cards of headsmith again, because somehow they have got redundant again. Maybe on the 8th giveaways I will have them as the giveaways again, not this week. These 5 cards are our giveaways for this week:

1 card
2 cards
2 cards

I will use wheel of names again for the drawing, and the first name picked out will be given Venari Seedsmith, second and third will be given Gargoya lion, and the last two will get Pelacor Mercenary.

How to participate:

  1. Please leave any comments below and your username.
  2. There is no obligation to follow me. Each time I post the new giveaways, I will tag all previous participants so you all will get a notification for this.
  3. Upvote is not a requirement but it will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I won't ban or eliminate any participants for multiple entries, but only one is counted eligible for the giveaways.
  5. One participant can only win once a week


  1. The cut off time is 12th March 2022, however it is not something that is strict and fix. It can be delayed for a day, depends on my mood and availability. I will make a comment "TIME'S UP" when the time is up.
  2. I will announce the winner in the same post for the next/new round of giveaways
  3. Don't take this event too seriously. Whether you win or not, please be happy and support others.
  4. The rewards card might be changed due to some circumstances but if that happens, I will replace them to other cards with the same rarity. (ie. I accidentally combine them then run out of stock)
  5. If you want to give feedback or critics, feel free to leave any comments. As long they are constructive and not offensive, they will be appreciated.



  • splinterlands: for everything in here
  • peakd : as the platform for hosting this event
  • peakmonsters: help me tracking the winners gift
  • wheels on names: for choosing the winners
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2 columns
1 column