New to Splinterlands. - First Game Post - Intro & Challenge

Good Day everyone, today I wanted to finally hive Splinterlands a try,
I have been a Card game player for years and recently joined Hive, I was also in steem back in the day but I was here only on the early days of the game's development.

Few Things About me:

If interested, I have played a LOT of games since I find them beneficial to my life journey, of course some more than others, in particular I recall my days at childhood playing YuGiOh as a Millennial, yes the golden 90s which is resurrected in trends lately, and most importantly... Magic the Gathering, I am so happy and honored to be part of such cultures honestly, they really make me feel appreciative of my life time. Anyhow, later I also played a bit of "Legend of the Five Rings", Vanguard and later into CCGs I played Hearthstone (of course), Infinity WarsThe Animated Card Game, Legends of Runeterra (current favorite along with...), Gwent The Witcher Card Game. I see the most potential in the later two games since both focus on a pure free to play environment while also incorporating interesting and unique gameplay, each at its own sub-niche similar to Splinterlands. I also like playing Smite, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm (which sadly is not as much supported lately) and of course Teamfight Tactics, I also played other games like Dota 2, LoL and of course World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and others. Pretty much played most games out there, yes the passion is real šŸ˜„šŸ˜ŠšŸŽ®šŸŽ±šŸŽÆ

Now about Splinterlands, I have seen both the Blockchain and the game evolved fairly well so I guessed it was a good time to get in.
The game seems well though out, there is a lot of room if diversity too.

Of course it is a bit overwhelming to begin with and perhaps playing with the free version may have given me done disadvantages but I still won a couple of games using the evasion for build with the goblin summoner and the free to play samurai card as a low cost front liner and of course the melee opportunity card.

As you can see I then tried out the Challenge and as expected at first I had a couple of loses until I had a good comp.


Let's say I was experimenting a lot with different combinations to find the perfect balance, at least stable enough balance of cards

Eventually I got my first victory with the card.

Link of the Won Battle can be found here

Yeah it wasn't easy but still it's better to try and fail until you readjust enough to succeed. It paid off.

āœļø(I know, my blog is usually about philosophy but can't hide my gaming passion and sometimes it's hard to tell apart, maybe Philosophical gamer type of creative game review posts would be more appropriate)

The game so far has the same vibes as TFT by Riot Games, it's in a way an auto chess game before those were a thing.

I am a few hives off from buying the full game by the way and keeping at it regardless, I am not here for the bucks but for the whole package of the experience in web3 and future of gaming (though I wish there were more options regarding repeated payouts to have original content that keeps giving value to keep getting its deserved attention just like YouTube and other media do for longevity, Im all about high quality thats why I comment on that).

also as feedback I think the game could use some polishing in both desktop and mobile, especially on UX/UI, the card art can also be improved, the gameplay is good so far for its niche, when it comes to graphics it may be a good idea to do art-rework/revision contests, perhaps some real good art will see the light of day and even get properly compensated by the system, there are some truly skilled artists out there. šŸŽØšŸ–Œļø

So far so good, I will keep learning and playing until I become good at it and of course lets not forget, part of the fun is the process of learning šŸ˜‰
I will keep you posted, thanks for the read and have a wonderful rest of the day šŸ™

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