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It's the weekly challenge again!


Below are some card details quoted.

Rarity: RARE
Element: DEATH
Attack: RANGED

"Before the chaos gate opened, the towered city of Darkholde was peaceful and quiet. Situated in the cold, Blackworth mountain range, it was presided over by a long-standing noble family and governed by Baron Kutziq Neculai. If the citizens knew the truth about their governor, then maybe they wouldn’t have been so loyal, but the Baron’s tastes were sated with great restraint and he truly did care for them, taking only what he must and never more than he had to. For Kutziq was a vampire, a race as ancient as the stones they’d used to build the city. A man who loved his people in many ways, including their unique flavour.

The soul strangler is a creature of nobility, of good stock and incredible wealth. They live in lavish opulence, wearing the finest attire and moving in the most sophisticated of circles, often engaging with the high born from other cities and enjoying intimate gatherings that last for days.

However, when this vampire chooses to hunt, they take on whole new guise, almost shifting their form to become more accomplished for the chase. Pointed ears extend refining their hearing and their eyes change colour affording the ability to see in the dark – their preferred time to hunt. Long fangs grow from their mouth and vicious talons sprout from their fingers. But what you can’t see in either form is the power they hold within their mind, an ability to attack at a spiritual level when they eventually find their adversary, squeezing the very life from them; a ranged attack that if not avoided, will have devastating consequences."

^ taken from lore

I don't have this card but it's free to use so I was able to use it during my battle.

Its poison ability only comes at level 8 which is very high, is it worth it? I have no idea.

Ok let's start. I will talk about my lineup first. The table shows my lineup according to the position in the battle.

Card Mana Reason/thoughts Card Pic
Thaddius Brood 4 Chose this card because I saw the opponent's history of using magic attacks. I want to reduce their magic attack as my cursed windeku cannot handle it.
Cursed Windeku 6 Even though the opponent mostly chose magic attacks, I saw 1 of the battles didn't have as much magic attacks. That's why I am not willing to bet on bone golem. I wanted to use cursed windeku in case the opponent's frontal attack was melee as seen in their history. Bone golem's speed is also very low so it might miss hitting unicorn mustang.
Carrion Shade 1 Wanted to use this card to waste the opponent's attack. Saw the opponent using opportunity attack in all of his battle so I used it to protect against that type of attack. But in the end, I forgot that my undead badger had 1 health which makes it unable to help at the start.
Undead Badger 2 Chose this because it has sneak attack which helps me to get rid of the opponent's back cards.
Silent Sha-vi 5 Has sneak ability so I used it to get rid of the cards at the back with combined effort from undead badger.
Soul Strangler 3 Wanted to use this card because I had some mana left and it had 2 attacks which was pretty good in reducing the opponent's health. I just wanted to get more attacks on the opponent to increase my chance of winning.
Tower Griffin 4 Saw that there was still a slot left and decided to put this card at the back because it had the flying ability, allowing it to miss the opponent's attack. This might increase my chance of protecting the cards in the middle and increase the number of times I was able to attack.

Thoughts about Soul Strangler

I think it is a great card since it only costs 3 mana and has 2 attacks. Its health is low so we need to protect it. Its speed is also not 1 which makes it a pretty good cheap card. I usually use it to fill the mana or slots if there were still some left since it is cheap and has 2 attacks, making it quite a good filler other than the 1 mana cards that I use to fill and distract the opponent.

soul str.png



The battle mana cap was 25 with the standard ruleset.

I have 1 more card than the opponent and both of us used different summoners.

Round 1

The opponent's summoner did not have effect on me while mine was able to reduce their health. The goblin thief missed hitting the tower griffin and that helped in protecting my cards. But since it only had 1 attack, it was unable to help reduce the health of the opponent's frontal card. Their failed summoner has also become a distraction to my cards' sneak attack since I didn't have any magic attacks. So in the sense, failed summoner was protecting their middle cards. I had to quickly get rid of it though because I need to get rid of the goblin thief and venari scout before it does much damage to my cards. At least we were able to get rid of the failed summoner in this round! Though their venari scout got rid of one of my sneak attack sigh..

Round 2

Cursed windeku's thorn ability really helped to reduce the mycelic infantry's health. Having the help of soul strangler also makes reducing the mycelic infantry's health faster. This makes it important as I need to get rid of it quick before it does more damage to my cards.


Round 3

Not bad that my cursed windeku was able to last to this round since the mycelic infantry had 3 attacks and also shield ability which reduce damage from opponent, making it harder for my cards to KO their frontal card.


Round 4

Mycelic infantry only had very few health left and since it only has a speed of 1, it was a guaranteed shot from both of my cards, making it a successful attack and KO of the mycelic infantry. Next up is just the start of my cards battling regal peryton.


Round 5

Even though my soul strangler missed the attack this round, the opponent's regal peryton was still doomed as I had 3 cards which was able to attack it. Luckily the silent sha-vi had enough health to tank the 1 magic attack from regal peryton as my cards at the back were range attacks and unable to attack if they became the frontal attacks. We had to quickly get rid of regal peryton before my silent sha-vi got KO'ed and the range attacks start missing.


Round 6

And there we have it, the opponent got KO'ed.


soul str.png

Did my strategy work?

Yes because I put it in front of the tower griffin which helped to protect my soul strangler from the goblin thief's sneak attack. Since tower griffin only had 1 attack which made it useless against mycelic infantry, its duty of protecting my soul strangler became even more important. If I had put soul strangler at the back, it would have been harder to KO mycelic infantry and I would also have an extra useless card since it could not damage mycelic infantry.

Do I like the Soul Strangler?

Yes because it has 2 range attacks and can reduce more of the opponent's health. There is also a chance of opponent putting cards with the shield ability which makes cards with 1 attack useless. Having 2 attacks will make sure that there it some damage done. It is also a cheap card so I love using it, be it to fill in slots or in in low mana cap. In a high mana cap, I wouldn't use it even if I like it since there are better cards like dhampir stalker.

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soul str.png

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