Splinterlands ~ The Past Week in Rewards

Hello and Greetings, good followers! I hope you are all having a wonderful and fantastic day.

Are you all ready for my weekly Splinterlands post? The post where I show you all how much we can earn in this fantastic game? Let's dive into some Splinterlands!

How did I do this past week? Did I make any money or was it a complete waste of time? Let's find out!

Let's start with the...

Reward Cards

Without comment (well, maybe a few small ones), the cards I've gotten over the past seven days.

The week started with a bang!

Less good, but that pack was nice.

The trend down continued.

At least I got a little bit of a DEC bundle on this day.

Nice to get a rare.

Still a low value, but better cards.

And we finish the week with another Djinn Biljka. Nice touch!

All together, that adds up to $7.75. Of course I get double value from these cards, since I will rent them out and keep earning. Sweet!

Battle Rewards


Day to day it's kind of frustrating to only get 100-150 DEC, but when you see it added up for the week, it's not too bad. Not great, but I consider battle rewards just an added benefit to the reward cards, so this is just extra anyway.

That adds up to $1.057.

Rental Income

Now compared to the battle rewards, this is much better.


Right now DEC is falling so the price in dollars I'm making keeps going down. But the DEC amount is increasing so that is the important thing right now.

That said, it adds up to $12.812 using the current price of DEC.


Over on alt account (@dbooster.spt) I decided to start adding in my SPS income to these reports.

I'm not going to add it here because I'm not sure it would meet the purpose of these posts, which is to show what you can make in this game, and at this point it would be difficult for new players to get much from the SPS airdrop, unless they invest heavily upfront.

If you are curious to see what I get from SPS and what I'm doing with it, be sure to follow my alt account.

At any rate, if you are looking for a new investment, I would suggest looking at SPS. Right now it is cheap and is likely to go up in the future once the airdrop ends.


Adding that all up, in total we get: $21.619 for the week.

Assuming an hour per day, that comes to $3.09 an hour. Fairly bad income for a job, but not bad for a hobby.

And that's all for my weekly report. If you are interested in reading my daily reports, follow my alt account @dbooster.spt, and if you are interested in trying your hand at Splinterlands, follow the link below.

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