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Hi Everyone, here is the worst splinterland player of the I am trying the challenge again this time dedicated to the Woodland Nymph a common, reward Card from the Earth deck, I did not personally own this card yet but I had rented it out, thanks to the fantastic and easy rental system in Splinterlands. I never tried it so it was a nice first use as I actually won the battle with it and it proved quite useful as you will see below...


Here is the link to the video battle :

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As I am a noobian and the match took part on the Bronze Level the stats that we should be focus are the Level 1 it is a cheap magic healer good
for low mana battles, 1 magic, 1 speed No armour and 2 health, although it is not fantastic I think with the introduction of the new summoner for the earth deck Obsidian with +1 magic it can be used in a nice combo, now earth can be used as the old water deck with Alaric. This card also it is better at higher levels with Strengthen as one of its extended abilities.



I am not an Earth Deck player, as my favourites were water and death but lately with the introduction of magic I have been playing more and more, and i quite like it and finally Earth as become really competitive taking the magic monopoly out of the hands of the Water deck....
The match was a low mana battle of 19 and my opponent has been using the Earth Deck for the past 3 battles excluding one with life and he had used before the Unicorn tank with -1 magic, so I had to decide to gamble on using a heavy magic deck or a melee counter to keep it balanced...I decided to gamble on magic so I started my line up with the summoner Obsidian +1 magic and 4 mana, that left me with 1 less mana for cards but had to be chosen to support the magic cards, next my tank with the powerful Mycelic Spawn a tank with 2 magic 2 speed and 10 life and most importantly the ability to Taunt this will allow me to absorb hits and give me breathing space, then next our protagonist of the week woodland nymph with the stats mention above, and last place Khemer Princess with exactly the same stats as the woodland nymph


To my surprise my opponent @gachbot172 probably a bot as its name suggests have chosen Life Deck another Deck that i do not use regularly, so it was a bittersweet surprise as i saw 6 cards laid in front of me vs my 3 magic cards...His line up Mother Khala +1 Health summoner, Gargoya Scraper as a tank with 2 melee 1 speed and 3 health, following Stitch Leach a sneaker with 2 melee 1 speed and 3 health, then Truthspeaker adding + 2 armour to all cards and 1 health, then 3 ranged cards, Herbalist, Xenyth Archer and Portal Spinner all with similar stats except the last one with 2 ranged 2speed 1 armour 3 health...and random monster hit ability.


At first I was surprised that he has chosen that deck, and didn't know what the outcome will be but I realized earlier on that my magic cards with 2+1 magic had somewhat less speed. Regardless his armour +2 extra buff will not be of much help to keep his tank alive and the sneaker as my tank will absorb the first hits and my other two cards will get rid of them soon...and my wooden nymph would manage to heal my Mycelic Spawn's first hits...

The Portal Spinner with his random monster hit ability took of my Khemer Princess but my tank was slowly killing his next ranged cards as they cant shoot if facing the tank, so we were balanced in card at that moment. Last rounds he took the wooden nymph so she couldn't heal no more.
Nevertheless, it was too late for him as my tank has kept most of his health intact thanks to the first healing of our protagonist from the forest...So good for her...



This small mana card is quite useful to use in Earth Deck small mana battles and it is a reward card so great for beginners, mixed with magic summoners also makes it a powerful hitter that avoids armour so I will certainly buy it when I got the chance and increase my heal and magic hitting ability for the Earth Deck...

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