Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! - My strategy and goals.

For some seasons I have been planning a strategy that is effective and that allows me to improve, for this I have used water as the main element, although the ideal is to know how to use any element, but I think water is an element with great potential, especially when we use magic cards in combination with a summoner that increases the magic attack, such as Alric Stormbringer or others with the same effect.

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Despite having played in the silver league a couple of times in the last 7 seasons, after that I had stayed in the bronze league, but since last season I promoted again to silver, this in search of better rewards, but then I got the idea that it would be good to stay in bronze and try to get the top positions, but due to lack of time I thought I should continue with the original idea.

Recent screenshot of my ranking position

A couple of days ago my daily rewards allowed me to get 8 chests, although most of them are common cards, but I like them because they will allow me to increase the level of my cards, this is vital to have a better and rent, in order to earn Dec, at the same time it is great that the chests provide us with SPS, as it serves us to make staking.

Daily rewards.

Today I tried to rent more cards because my power is about 7000, so I needed to overcome the 15000 power, while the amount of ranking points is above 1150, ie I need this to increase to silver, but today there was a problem at the time of making the rent so I have to wait a few hours.

Some of my favorite water element cards.

But the strategies continue and thanks to my water element magic cards I can continue to maintain a good pace; also note that the new water element cards are amazing, I have found some gems, which have helped me to potential my strategy and style of play. It is certainly fun to play one of the best NFT games, which is very solid and old, this is a reference to how strong Splinterlands is.

Before I finish I would like to share one of my most exciting battles of the week and clarify that with my next rentals I will enter the silver league which is my main goal.

Link to the battle Splinterlands web: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_e946e4db10c32ccb03bbcfd28be15e9f&ref=darwinjj

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I hope I have fulfilled your expectations and that you have enjoyed watching my publication.

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