This time I faced @tdoan246, the maximum MANA of the battle was 40 and the conditions were Heavy Hiters and Melee Mayhem.

Fuente / Source: Splinterlands

I really think it's great that the monster of this battle is Cursed Windeku, as it has the Thorns ability, and has acceptable values, honestly I use this card as my main attack card, but at the same time it can cause damage with its ability, usually it is usually a card that does not remain throughout the battle in my strategies, but it is quite useful.

Battle strategy.

Summoner: Dallan.

My summoner had it at level 4, but it was limited by the league, for this reason it was used at level 3, besides that it has an interesting ability (Cripple).

Cursed Windeku.

As mentioned above, it is a useful card with a fantastic ability.

Gargoya Lion.

As a second attack card, I used Gargoya Lion, which has an excellent dodge ability.


Cabalist is a magic card that has the ability to Amplify, so it helps to increase the damage on enemies.

Magi Necrosi.

Magi Necrosi is another magic card, which I have at level 3, the best thing about this card is that it has two abilities: precision and camouflage.

Life Sapper.

In this fifth position use Life Sapper, this card has an excellent magic attack and at the same time can increase your life.

Dhampir Stalker.

Finally, I used Dhamphir Stalker, as this card would allow me to cause -3 damage, from a distance.

Meanwhile, my opponent used the following cards: Tarsa, Living Lava, Molten Ogre, Spark Pixies, Kobold Bruiser, Serpentine Spy and Disintegrator.


Link to the battle Splinterlands web:

Round 1.

In round 1, the first to leave the battle was my opponent's monster, namely Spark Pixies, subsequently I lost Life Sapper and Cursed Windeku.

Round 2.

In round two, the battle became more interesting and was one of endurance, where my opponent lost Living Lava.

Round 3.

We caused each other a lot of damage, where I lost two of my cards (Gargoya Lion and Cabalist) and my opponent lost 3 cards (Molten Ogre, Kobold Bruiser and Serpentine Spy).

Round 4 and 5.

Round 4 was a short one and in round 5 everything was defined, where I managed to beat Disintegrator.


At the end of the battle I can conclude that Curse Windeku fulfilled the objective, since it caused damage while it remained in battle, which allowed me to reduce the life of strong cards like Living Lava, as I mentioned before I usually use Curse Windeku as a sacrificial card, but it is also important during the battle.

Link to the battle Splinterlands web:

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The images were captured from the Splinterlands.


I hope I have fulfilled your expectations and that you have enjoyed watching my publication.

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