In this time I faced @khuyen162, the standard of the battle was normal and the mana was 99, for this battle I decided to use a combination of Dragon, fire and neutral cards.

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Honestly I do not like MOLTEN ASH GOLEM, as it does not fit my strategies, I consider it a card to place it in the last position, but in that location I prefer to place Lava Launcher when I use the fire element. Coincidentally both have the same ability, which is to allow attacks from the first position for monsters with point blank attacks. At level 5 MOLTEN ASH GOLEM can be more useful, as it increases several of its values and also acquires another ability.

Battle strategy.

Summoner: Delwyn Dragonscale.

Delwyn Dragonscale this summoner is very well known and I used it at level 2, although of the cards used only one would benefit from the summoner, but having level 2, it could summon higher level cards.

Djinn Chwala.

I used this card in level 1 and I thought it was ideal to place it in the first position because of its attack and at the same time the thorns ability weakens the enemy.

Gargoya Lion.

Gargoya Lion I decided to place it in the second position, I have it at level 3, but it was affected by the league.

Tenyii Striker.

This is a very important card, mainly because of its ability and the attacking capacity it has.

Djinn Apprentice.

This card is always one of my top choices because of the magic attack at distance and in conjunction with Delwyn Dragonscale it would be stronger.


As I mentioned MOLTEN ASH GOLEM, this card is useful for the last positions, what I don't like is the low ranged attack it has. But I used it at level 2.

Lava Launcher.

In addition to MOLTEN ASH GOLEM I used Lava Launcher, these two would perform the attacks from the last position and also have a good defense.

Meanwhile my opponent used General Sloan, Shieldbearer, Warrior of Peace, Djinn Renova, Venari Crystalsmith, Pelacor Arbalest and Prismologist.


Link to the battle Splinterlands web:

  • Round 1: In the first round it was difficult to hurt my opponent, but in the end I lost Djinn Chwala.
  • Round 2: In the second round the battle didn't change much, I lost Gargoya Lion and Tenyii Striker, I could only destroy Shieldbearer.

  • Round 3: Later Djinn Apprentice and MOLTEN ASH GOLEM left the battle, meanwhile on my opponent's side Pelacor Arbalest's work was very good.

  • Round 4: In the end only Lava Launcher was left standing and thus ended the battle.


No doubt MOLTEN ASH GOLEM, can be useful for ranged attacks, but I don't usually use this card, in this battle MOLTEN ASH GOLEM made several attacks, but it was insufficient, although I played several battles, I preferred to place this one where I was crushed by my opponent, as it was a more complete battle. Another factor that limited me to continue experimenting is that I didn't want to lower my Capture Rate, as I am trying to recover it.

Link to the battle Splinterlands web:

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I hope I have fulfilled your expectations and that you have enjoyed watching my publication.

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