This time I will show two battles, in the first one we can see Spirit Hoarder and the way I make use of his ability, in the second battle I use Spirit Hoarder in a similar position, but with a different objective, even so in this post I will describe the first battle and the second one will be an extra demonstration battle.

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Spirit Hoarder is a neutral card, that is to say that it is very versatile, since it can be used in different elements, this magic card has an attractive, and it is its special ability, which allows it to heal the monster with more damage in the second position, this is an advantage for the monster located in that position, since it can stay more in the battle.


Battle strategy.

In this battle I faced @castrohgqadel the maximum MANA of the battle was 31, besides that there was the condition: Super Sneak, this would make the battle more striking. For this battle I used THADDIUS BROOD, this summoner has the ability to reduce the opponent's magic attack and life, this time I used it in the golden version level 2.

In the first position I used Cursed Windeku in the golden version, this card has the ability of thorns, so it will cause a lot of damage to the enemies.

Night Ghoul: This card has a great attack power, the battle condition favors it, since it could attack from a distance; it will be part of the strategy in combination with Spirit Hoarder, since its ability will allow it to receive all the attacks and Spirit Hoarder will heal it, in this way the team will stay standing longer.

In the third position I placed Carrion Shade, I used it as a filler card, to keep some distance between the first and second row, but in the case of having the opportunity, Carrion Shade could attack.

In the fourth position I placed Spirit Hoarder, from this place he could take shelter, attack and heal Night Ghoul; that's why I consider him ideal in the team and this is the way I use him, because besides being an attack card, he can also heal and make a team stay strong.

Magi Necrosi (Gold): This card has the ability to not take damage and can also attack using magic, this card is quite useful in the death element.

Finally, use Furious Chicken, this would only be a filler card, as it has no cost to use it, sometimes these cards give us the advantage, as the enemy attacks the decoy and not the main cards.



Link #1 to the battle Splinterlands web:

During the battle, the opponent used a combination of neutral and death element cards, specifically: Thaddius Brood, Hireling, Scavo Hireling, Disintegrator, Bone Golem, Cursed Slime Ball, Carrion Shade and Cursed Windeku.

In the first Round: I was able to destroy Scavo Hireling, from here my opponent started off on the wrong foot. While on my side of the field, Carrion Shade was the first and only monster to be destroyed.

In Round 2, Spirit Hoarder performed an attack that destroyed Disintegrator, the next to leave the battle was another card of my opponent, specifically Cursed Windeku.

In Round 3, Carrion Shade was also destroyed, and the other attacks were to wear down the life.

Already in the fourth round, Cursed Slimeball, easily came out of the battle. While in the last round, I destroyed the last monster, that is, Bone Golem. This was the end of the battle.


It was an interesting battle, where each of the monsters did a good job, that is to say, the strategy was effective, mainly Spirit Hoarder, since his ability was one of the attractions of the battle, in combination with the Night Ghoul ally, caused a lot of damage and fulfilled the objective. Undoubtedly, Spirit Hoarder is capable of strengthening a team when well-used.

Battle #2 (Extra).

Finally, I will show the second battle, but this time, Spirit Hoarder sacrificed himself, but also did a good job, to obtain the victory, but in this battle a magic summoner was used to strengthen the attacks.

Link #2 to the battle Splinterlands web:


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The images were captured from the Splinterlands.


I hope I have fulfilled your expectations and that you have enjoyed watching my publication.

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