Daily reward and analysis of Gobson Bomber.


In my previous rewards I received a card in all the chests, that is 3 cards in 3 chests, but this time I expected to receive at least 2 or 3 cards from the 6 available chests, although I could get more chests I did not want to play more to not wear out so much the capture rate, another important factor is that the chests belong to a lower league than my current league, after a day without playing, the daily Focus was updated that way.

The reality is that I received 1 card, as seen in the image, this card is Gobson Bomber, at first I thought it was a life element card, but then I observed well and remembered that this card is neutral, but the interesting thing is that this common card has 2 abilities, the first one is recharged, and the second one is camouflage, which makes this card useful to be used with cards of any element, sincerely I like this card, although it may seem a simple card, you can get a good performance in battles, let's see the stats, and soon I will show you how I use this card.

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