Splinterlands - Season End: Will Riftwatchers Change the Game?

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A little over three hours before the Riftwatcher Pre Sale starts. I am one of those that will be buying some of these packs during pre sale. However, the question that everyone is asking is

"How will the New Cards Change the Game"

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Even though you will be able to buy the packs starting today, we will not get to open them and find out the answer to that question until later this month. I believe that adding 43 new cards will impact how lineups are created especially in the higher cap matches.

But does this mean that the new players and the players in the novice league will not be impacted? I think it will only slightly impact those players since most of those mana caps are smaller. Or does this mean that only players that have been playing for awhile with large collection power playing in the higher leagues will only be interested in the packs. Who knows until it happens...

Do you plan and buying these Packs?

Season End Rewards

This was my second season to collect Season End Gold Loot Chests. This time I was able to earn 45 of these chests instead of the 37 that I had last season end. The total value of my 45 chests was $3.39 mainly due to the Chaos Legion Pack that I received in one of my loot chests.

I did receive over 100 potions. I am really hoping that the new non-card market that will be added will include the sell of potions so that I can sell them to other players. I now have 374 Legendary and 385 Alchemy Potions. Since I do not open packs, these do not carry a lot of value for me.

Summary Season Rewards - 3.39.PNG
The above card summary is run from https://splintershare.info/

Loot Chests

I think my Daily loot chests rewards were just as good if not better than my season end rewards. This is another reason why I should always try to make sure that I balance my Daily Focus playing with my focus on earning Season End chests. By the way, I earned over 100 potions in this season daily focus loot chests as well but only 1 chaos pack.

Rewards Report - Loot Chests.PNG

Rental Report

I am now renting very few cards to get and stay in Gold III League for the Season. I plan on getting this down to zero during this season and then start renting out duplicate cards and other cards that I do not use in my lineups. Since you can no longer earn DEC, I do not want to spend it unnecessarily.

Rental Report.PNG

If you have not started playing this exciting Play2Earn game, you should start. Here is my link to sign up:

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